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Personnel training

As of February, 2015 
City of Yokohama, General Affairs Bureau Human Resource Development Section 
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 By personnel training of Yokohama-shi, will of each staff and surge of ability become surge of capacity for organization and think that it is important to improvement of civic service to be connected. Therefore we push forward premeditated and effective human resource development in mind in being "financial resources which are the most important to human resources" in Yokohama-shi while city and the staff carry out duty based on "Yokohama-shi personnel training vision".
 In personnel training, we perform support for the carrier formation, ability development of the staff by letting personnel transfers, performance rating, the training cooperate effectively and draw ability of the staff to the maximum.
Staff image that is found 
 The staff who loves Yokohama, and is trusted by citizen, and thinks by oneself, and acts
    A          B             C
 We have a strong interest for A Yokohama-shi and Yokohama citizen and we think in citizen's glance and act actively.
 We act with B faithfulness, fairness and work on collaboration with citizen and get sympathy and relationship of mutual trust.
 It is independent and thinks about approach, carrier for C problem by oneself and we wrestle and challenge ability development.

As the Yokohama-shi staff "staff image that is found"

"We love Yokohama, and we are trusted by citizen and, let alone achieving composition target, are the staff who thinks by oneself, and acts"

 It is necessary that the Yokohama-shi staff is professional among other things administrative as local public service worker server of the whole nation as ministrant of Yokohama citizen.
 And, with will and ability that the staff is high in, it brings about vitality of the whole city hall by working lively, and it is important to plan improvement of citizen satisfaction through it.


We love Yokohama

・We have a strong interest for Yokohama and Yokohama citizen
・We sympathize with thought, situation and feeling of partner in citizen's glance and act actively
・We aim at international port city, human resources who can cope with international community appropriate for Yokohama


We are trusted by citizen

・We observe service and act with faithfulness, fairness
・We build civic all of you and sympathy and firm relationship of mutual trust
・We possess duties knowledge and ability for business and try for offer of administrative services with confidence

The staff who thinks by oneself, and acts

・We carry out without being independent, and missing thought, timing for problem solution
・We think about future carrier by oneself and work on ability development of self
・Through challenge in daily duties, we realize own growth


"We are good at communicative competence, and, in employment examination, as for found ability, nature, thing that is superior in social nature" is "to have sensitive high antenna sensitivity in the times to move" "including wide knowledge, intellectual power in a good balance".

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City of Yokohama, General Affairs Bureau Human Resource Development Section
72-1, Yamashitacho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
Telephone: 045-662-2923
FAX: 045-662-2922

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