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Personnel affairs

  Performance rating system

 We evaluate will and ability, the results of the staff shown through duties justly and objectively, and performance rating is doing personnel training and ability development with aim in instruction, thing advising based on the result. Personnel affairs salary system was changed so that result of performance rating was reflected from 2007 by treatment such as promotion and raise in salary.
 It is original, and the staff sets business in charge, aim through interview with self-assessment and the boss in the year, and subordinate wrestles with the boss for duties at the top with common recognition. The boss grasps approach posture, ability for duties of subordinate through the year and performs appropriate instruction, advice through duties. In addition, we carry out interview in December and look back on the approach situation of aim and business in charge and feed back strength, weakness that became clear through evaluation and connect with ability development of the staff and improvement of will.
 By communication of such boss and subordinate, communalization of aim in the workplace advances, and it is smoother, and produced duties accomplishment of cooperation is enabled.

  Promotion system
   We carry out promotion based on will and ability, the results of the staff and we reflect the years of experience or performance rating about promotion of member of general office work and are organized to three phases.
 In addition, promotion to chief becoming the gateway to responsibility job throws the door open widely without being kept in the type of job, educational background, age, sex as idea in ability proof by the principle of results, and it is that we give equality ground of examination fairly. In the earliest people, we promote to chief at 29 years old.
 In addition, there is exclusive duty office organization degree to show ability as authorized field, specialist of duties and we keep each ability and aptitude alive and can promote.

Promotion system system

  Personnel transfers
   From the viewpoint of carrier formation, the each person's staff raises own power (ability development), and personnel transfers carry out capacity for organization of Yokohama-shi for high, improvement of citizen satisfaction by effectively utilizing power of the staff by placement of right person for the right place (ability utilization). We fill in intention record with transfer presence desired or business content to hope for, and the staff has a talk with the boss every year. After that, of activation and human resources of personnel training and ability development, organization of the person, from the viewpoint of effectively utilizing, almost carry out by 2 through 6 while paying the attention to experience and ability, aptitude of staff each one.
 It is located led by "the workplace contacting with citizen directly" of ward, station each that the new adoption staff learns basic duties knowledge to support citizen's needs to become complicated diverseness precisely and wears sense of citizen glance. In addition, we perform transfer to experience different duties of plural properties after the adoption during around ten years to experience various duties early while considering age and experience, the duty situation about the young staff, and to be able to have wide field of vision.
  Woman potential display program
   Regardless of the cause, sex of idea to "be financial resources which are the most important to human resources", all staff shows will and ability enough and aim at realization of organization which can play an active part lively and push forward personnel training, appointment (utilization) of woman. Thing which settled the policy and concrete approach is "woman potential display program" (November, 2008 development). Because half of guard of civic service is woman, we aim at "high administration of citizen satisfaction" that took in viewpoint of woman by pushing forward appointment of woman, and promoting participation in planning of woman to place of policymaking.
Consciousness reform of 1 responsibility job
   Responsibility job each one wrestles about upbringing, appointment of subordinate as human resources carrying future Yokohama-shi more positively.

Promotion of coexistence support / work-life balance of 2 work and family life
   Anyone reforms improvement of various systems and climate which is easy to use system for promotion made with the workplace which can work lively.

Three girls-related challenge carrier formation support
  Because each staff thinks about carrier, we raise challenge support to promotion, will to the carrier formation.   
  Promotion of work-life balance

 In Yokohama City Hall, it is intended to support coexistence of work and child care with the whole workplace and devises action plan based on the upbringing support measures promotion method (2003 law 120th) in the next generation and wrestles for coexistence support of "work and child care". We are renewed to plan to promote work-life balance so that all staff can live a life that seems to be care and volunteer of family, oneself including local action in each life stage as well as the staff during child care from 2010 and wrestle for coexistence support of "work and family life".


 It is thing as of January 1, 2011, and the contents mentioned above may be changed.
 In addition, Water Works Bureau, Transportation Bureau, the hospital management station may vary partly as they introduce example of mayor bureau.

Teacher employment examination, selection information

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  • High-school graduate degree, employment examination including license qualification
  • Member of society employment examination
  • Adoption selection for people with impaired body
  • Other employment examinations, selection
  • Examination, selection schedule conduct result
  • Acquisition method of examination guidance, brochure
  • Employment examination Q&A


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