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In this page, we explain usage of site of Izumi Ward government office.

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Izumi Ward header

Except some pages, header displayed in most pages by top expresses that site of Izumi Ward government office is subsite (site in site) of site of Yokohama City Hall. In addition, we offer simple navigation function with clickable map.

Part of "top menu" is link to top page of Yokohama City Hall, part of "search" to search page of Yokohama City Hall is linked.

Using this search page, we can search the site of Izumi Ward government office, but other subsites in site of Yokohama City Hall become a target of search, too, and attention is necessary to read as search results may not be only contents of Izumi Ward government office site.


City of Yokohama, Izumi Ward

Logo guarantees that we display the site of Izumi Ward government office located at the left upper part except some pages. If the left upper part does not have this logo, user will be in other sites.

In addition, link to top page is completed in logo. We can come back to top page immediately from anywhere.

Navigation bar

Navigation bar Navigation bar Navigation bar Navigation bar Navigation bar

Except some pages, navigation bar reflecting the image of index tab is in the upper part of page. By link put on each text, we enable movement to page along information needs.

Topic pass

Top page > General Affairs Department > Ward Administration Promotion Division > Public Relations Section > Help

It is tool offered with set right under navigation bar. We display hierarchy from top page progressively and are used in showing the present location, and link function to loft is sponsored, too.


As index according to organization just lists duties every section, person in charge, list and contents support one to one. When we can understand business content of each section, person in charge to some extent, this index enables simple, speedy search.