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Disaster prevention, disaster

Emergency intelligence

Storm and flood damage information Earthquake information Public utilities information
Weather warning and precipitation,
We confirm water level of river
We can do.
Of seismic intensity information and refuge
We confirm places

There is thing.
Of various public utilities
We confirm supply, the service situation
We can do.


Refuge, map

Place to evacuate to Map
  When large-scale earthquakes were generated, we evacuate
We did including evacuation shelter to do
We can know refuges.
Disaster prevention map of Izumi Ward
Hazard map

We can see.


Ward, approach, support of city

Disaster prevention dispatch lecture/off site lecture Disaster prevention measures Survivors support
We visit area and carry out
About course about disaster prevention
We guide. (Izumi Ward)
Support for self support, community support and approach of government support
We can confirm. (Izumi Ward, Yokohama-shi)
※As for various subsidies from this
Supply of various public utilities,
We confirm the service situation
There is thing.


Intelligence, dispatch tool

Intelligence Information dispatch
Collection means of information about disaster
We can confirm this.
When we suffered, we contact families
We can confirm means.


Public information, enlightenment thing

Izumi Ward made Yokohama-shi made


Disaster prevention affiliate

Izumi Ward disaster prevention license leader Network Izumi Ward disaster volunteer Network Agreement with company
(during making)


Disaster prevention related organizations contact information

Contents Related organizations Phone number
Firefighting, first aid  Izumi fire department 045-801-0119
 Nakata firefighting branch office 045-803-0119
 Okazu firefighting branch office 045-813-0119
 Izumino firefighting branch office 045-804-0119
 Ryokuen firefighting branch office 045-814-0119
Electricity  Tokyo Electric Power power grid 0120-995-007
Gas  TOKYO GAS customer center 0570-002211 (from general telephone)
Water supply  Water Works Bureau Mitsukyo Channel office 045-847-6262
Telephone  NTT East Japan Kanagawa Branch 113 (from general telephone)
 NTT East Japan Kanagawa Branch (trouble of telephone) 0120-444-113 (from carrying, PHS)
Road, the sewer  Spring engineering works office 045-800-2532
Cliff  Housing and Architecture Bureau architecture Disaster Prevention Section 045-671-2948
Refuse disposal  Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau spring office 045-803-5191
The police  Spring police department 045-805-0110