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Disaster prevention, disaster

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To site of Yokohama-shi
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Rainfall prediction
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Term explanation
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Disaster prevention information Earthquake informationTo site of Yokohama-shi Precipitation information (each fire department)To site of Yokohama-shi Disaster prevention weather information (forecast)To site of Yokohama-shi River water levelTo site of Yokohama-shi River surveillance cameraTo site of Yokohama-shi Play Suichi water levelTo site of Yokohama-shi
Traffic information  Japanese vehicle information center To outside site
Sotetsu LineTo outside site Yokohama municipal subwayTo site of Yokohama-shi
Other information Precipitation water level information (Kanagawa)To outside site Disaster prevention reporting center (the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)To outside site
Blackout information (Tokyo Electric Power)To outside site Gas (TOKYO GAS)To outside site Suspension of water supply information (Water Works Bureau)To site of Yokohama-shi NTT East JapanTo outside site KDDI CorporationTo outside site NTT DOCOMOTo outside site Softbank CorporationTo outside site Y!mobileTo outside site

Disaster prevention related organizations contact information

Contents Related organizations Phone number
Firefighting, first aid  Izumi fire department 045-801-0119
 Nakata firefighting branch office 045-803-0119
 Okazu firefighting branch office 045-813-0119
 Izumino firefighting branch office 045-804-0119
 Ryokuen firefighting branch office 045-814-0119
Electricity  Tokyo Electric Power customer center (blackout) 0120-99-5776
Gas  TOKYO GAS customer center 045-948-1100
Water supply  Water Works Bureau customer Service Center 045-847-6262
Telephone  NTT East Japan 116
 Trouble of telephone 113
Road, the sewer  Spring engineering works office 045-800-2532
Cliff  Housing and Architecture Bureau architecture Disaster Prevention Section 045-671-2948
Refuse disposal  Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau spring office 045-803-5191
The police  Spring police department 045-805-0110