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Information for place - domiciliation transference ... that Izumi Ward does not come

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Is train from Yokohama Station; in Izumi Ward of approximately 18 minutes,
There are water and living of a certain space multi-generation among green that it gave life to

Izumi-ku, Yokohama-shi is area where rice field has been made from Yayoi period.
The residence is repeated for multi-generation, and farmland is still left in each place.
As it were, do you not live among water and green which it gave life to to live in natural park?

2 lines (9 stations) go in Izumi Ward of approximately 18 minutes by train to Yokohama Station.
Traffic access to downtown area and Yokohama Station, Enoshima or Kamakura is various, too.
After the opening of business of direct driving to JR Line of Sagami rail line where business is pushed forward now, Tokyu Line,
Access to the downtown area becomes more convenient.

It keeps environment of child care support including nursery school and medical facilities well, too.
As it is environment where multi-generation is enriched and is continued living in, it is recommended toward the lifestyle to make child care near parent.

To Yokohama Station, the Tokyo downtown area area, access is good to Kamakura, the Enoshima area, too.
Highways of cyclic Route 4 go, large commercial store along way,
It is convenient for everyday shopping, bulk buying of the weekend.

Living carefree in overflowing water and green of vitality

In nature which it gave life to full of vitality, we live healthfully.

Town where smile comes out of child care.
Town which becomes important oldness of children.

Izumi-ku, Yokohama-shi Ward Administration Promotion Division domiciliation transference promotion charge TEL: 045-800-2331 FAX: 045-800-2505 window: The third floor 307th