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Various maps

Recommended walking path

Along Kamakura way
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Along large mountain path
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Along Izumi River
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Ancient morality walk map
All 4 courses
Izumi Ward short walk way 1 Ryokuen-Toshi Station - Yayoidai Station
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Izumi Ward short walk way 2 Odoriba Station - Tateba Station
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 1 course  Kamakura way, course where is related to Nichiren
 Visit ... Kamiiida ancient way and historic spot; and ...
 Izumi-Chuo Station - Kamiiida garage  Approximately 5.1km
 2 course  Mother, hoshinoya way course of eyelids
 ... which walks way of northern part of ... Izumi River quiet pilgrimage
 Izumi-Chuo Station - Izumino Station  Approximately 6.0km
 3 course  The Goro Iidas justice course
 Taste of ... Shimoiida ancient morality is ... to the left ground
 Izumi-Chuo Station - Yumegaoka Station  Approximately 4.6km
 4 course  senshojiroshinko, lord grave, Four Devas forest course
 ... Kawaminami, Izumi part water and green large panorama and visiting parks ...
 Izumi-Chuo Station - Yumegaoka Station  Approximately 6.7km
 5 course  Kabuki flower Juro, chancre Inari course
 Look at Fuji from ... Izumi, Yayoidai plateau spreading out; and ...
 Izumi-Chuo Station - Yayoidai Station  Approximately 3.7km
 6 course  Way course of gate of a tenement house style, busokokukyo
 ... which goes the arrangement of houses and city of the future of valley traditional culture of ... Shimbashi, Ryokuen, pond
 Yayoidai Station - Ryokuen-Toshi Station  Approximately 5.7km
 7 course  Large mountain path, Mahoroba, Okazu way course
 Ancient morality of ... Katsurazaka, Okazu, Ryokuen past event and harmony ... of new cityscape
 Yayoidai Station - Ryokuen-Toshi Station  Approximately 7.5km
 8 course  Muraoka River (Udagawa) source, Yasumasa Ishimaki course
 Follow ... Nakatakita, east reign, trace of culture in cityscape; and ...
 Tateba Station - Nakada Station  Approximately 5.2km
 9 course  Forest course of mountain god company, carp ka Kubo contact
 Green oasis ... in residential area where ... Minami Nakata is quiet
 Nakada Station - Odoriba Station  Approximately 3.9km
10 course  kabata bridge, old Fukaya communication place ruins course
 Look at Oyama from visiting bridges of the name and very large grassy plain in ... Nakatanishi, lower Izumi calendar month; and ...
 Tateba Station - Yumegaoka Station  Approximately 5.7km