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Classroom, consultation about child care

○Child, home support consultation
Child care supporter
Baby classroom
Yokohama child care partner (ticket to turn on local child care support ground of)To outside site

About child care from swaddling bands to schoolchild period, puberty is consulted.

 What kind of one which we can talk about

 It is, for example, ...

  • We got tired of care of child
  • He/she does not eat meal which drink of the breast has bad
  • We do not get diaper
  • We are weak in relation with person, and I want friend
  • Child has begun to be unwilling about school attendance (going to kindergarten)
  • About life rhythm, the development
  • The eldest son with later-born birth being accompanied, correspondence to the eldest daughter
  • We do not know what child is thinking about
  • We cannot follow class
  • There are many restless things left behind
  • Child is tormented
  • We use only carrying and net
  • Life is disturbed

 Consultation time

 From 8:45 to 17:00 (except the lunch break of from 12:00 to 13:00)

  • We keep absolutely quiet about secret
  • In telephone and interview can talk
  • Telephone 045-800-2465 that counselor at school should be, and needs reservation

Child care supporter

As local immediate consultant, experienced child care supporter supports child care of everybody. We accept advice and child care consultation of play of child. We support child care circle activity. From 10:00 to 12:00. No appointment necessary. There are none for holiday, the year-end and New Year holidays (12/28 - 1/4).

  • Shimbashi community care plaza = every Tuesday (there is not 5/2, 7/18, 9/19)
  • Lower Izumi community care plaza the second floor = every Tuesday (there is not 5/2)
  • Nakata community house = every Tuesday (there is not 5/2)
  • Nakagawa district center playroom = every Wednesday
  • Child log house (in July, August Izumino community house) = every Thursday (there is not 4/6, 12/21, 3/15, 3/22, 3/29)
  • Situation district center playroom = every Thursday
  • Kamiiida district center playroom = every Friday (there is not 2/16, 2/23)
  • Ryokuen area interchange center meeting room = every Friday (there is not 9/8, 12/15, 1/5, 2/16, 2/23)


Baby classroom

We support mental and physical health promotion of parent and child including making of friend and how to play mothers to be able to do child care targeting at 0 years old children of the first child in peace. It is graduation at about 1 year old.

Conduct venue

Nakagawa district center
(2F Japanese-style room)
Middle Wada community house
(2F training room)
Hall in Okatsu-cho
(large meeting room)
Lower Izumi community care plaza
(multipurpose hall)
Ryokuen two orders eyes community hall
(1F meeting room)
Kamiiida community care plaza
(2F meeting room)
Izumino community house
(Japanese-style room)
Situation district center
(Japanese-style room)
Kazurano community house
(training room)
Shimbashi alliance community hall
Genuine meeting
(local interchange room)

Children and Families Support Division Child-rearing Support Section The second floor 211th
Telephone: 045-800-2447
FAX: 045-800-2513

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