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Social security

 It is system to support that life is difficult even if social security utilizes other laws, systems and assets, ability to act, support from duty of supporting person.


 We ask about domestic circumstances and the situation that is not appreciated and show around procedure of social security and system, welfare service that can conjugate.

Application and decision

 Please apply from person or relative.
 We examine and are decided after visiting home and hospitalization after the application, and having investigated financial institution or life insurer.
 When cost of living is troubling during until decision, please consult with member of charge.

Conduct of social security

 After the start of social security, we have you make an effort for independence including stability of treatment and life of illness, and reports such as periodical report of income and job search, transfer of household are necessary. In addition, the person in charge visits home regularly and does advice and support as needed.
 For more details, please see ... livelihood protection systemTo site of Yokohama-shi (page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau) when we had trouble with life.

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