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About measures of mosquito

Let's reduce outbreak source of mosquito!

Larva measures

Life cycle of mosquito

  • Larva (mosquito larva) occurs in "puddle". Around once in one week, we check around house, and let's throw away if water collects.
Flowerpot Empty can and empty bottle Bucket
  • "Rainwater trout" injects water, and let's replace water which collected inside.

Rainwater masu

Imago measures

  • Imago lies hidden in bad tree (thicket) of the grass and ventilation. Let's do mowing and the pruning regularly.

Garden without wind

  • When we use insecticide, we check place that mosquito and mosquito larva produce well and well read precautions, and let's perform at appropriate use, dose.

Do not be bitten by mosquito!

Mosquito and infectious disease

We are infected by mosquito performing sucking blood of patient infected with viruses, and the mosquito performing sucking blood of other people. Infectious disease that mosquito transmits has dengue fever, chikungunia heat, West Nile fever, Japanese Encephalitis, malaria.

Measures to prevent you from being bitten by mosquito

Let's avoid exposure of skin
Long sleeve, wearing of pants!
Insecticide spray effectively
As there is not the durability, we paint regularly!
 Let's avoid exposure of skin  Insecticide spray effectively
We do not approach place where mosquito is 
 We do not go to thicket, the grass
We do not put mosquito 
 For setting of screen door, opening and shutting of window attention!
 We do not go to thicket, the grass  We are careful about opening and shutting of door!

Information for consultation counters

  • Let's confirm travel information of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare quarantine station before going abroad. (search by the Internet with "overseas infectious disease information")
  • When we are bitten by mosquito in overseas travel and run high fever after returning home, please consult with quarantine station and medical institution.


  • We accept rental of extermination machine parts and consultation about mosquito in Izumi Ward Health Sanitation Division. Please feel free to contact.

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Telephone: 045-800-2451
FAX: 045-800-2516

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