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Extermination method of paper wasp

  • Before the extermination
  • Method of the extermination

What kind of bee is it? Is it paper wasp? We will see form of nest

  • Paper wasp
  • Nest of paper wasp

Size of bee varies according to kinds, but is around 1.2-2.5cm. When we fly, we lower daran and foot and fly.
Nest is dark gray, and, seeing from bottom, there are a lot of hexagonal holes, and spots hole is blocked by white cocoon.
Several bees stop on the surface of nest, and form is form and form flat aside that upset bowl. Place to prepare den into is hedge and under the eaves mainly.

Let's know life! Life of paper wasp

It is wintering Queen drumstick birth, 4 during the making of nest start made with 1.4 moon nest, 2 in 3.9 month

Does it seem to be necessary to get rid?

Paper wasp eats potato insect of garden tree, too and is beneficial insect in a certain aspect. If you give nest vibration and nudge with stick and do not approach den carelessly, you may not attack person, but should get rid when there is nest in place with trouble for life including neighborhood of passage and doorway while it is as soon as possible.

The following case does not necessarily need the extermination.

  • It is place where almost none of the people approaches.
  • Window and porch, next door to open out, and to close, and not to hold and under the eaves that does not approach on the second floor.
  • When we discover after the middle of October, bee disappears from nest for wintering soon.
As hornet is more dangerous than paper wasp, please consult with Health Sanitation Division. We are doing introductions of exterminator.

When we get rid

Preparations before getting rid

  • Mobile clothes which do not expose skin to light if possible, please.
  • As sandals are easy to trip in the case of the outdoors, we wear shoes.
  • We prepare for bee or fly, fly-spray for mosquito.
    (please confirm that fast-acting ingredients such as futarusurin, resmethrin of pyrethroid system enter.)
  • As work is slow, cockroach use and aqueous spray will make oily spray.
  • When we work after dark, we will prepare flashlight.

Thing, clothes to prepare

It prevents skin from being exposed. Let's wear thick whitish clothes if possible.

It will be still good that we take insecticide net when we protect face. Spray for for commercial fly, mosquito or bee ※As medicine arrives as for the jet type to several meters ahead, it is convenient. Not to make any getting too close to nest, we will confirm force of spray beforehand in place without nest.

Rental of extermination appliance

When we get rid of nest made in high place, it is free and loans out convenient appliance. Depending on place, we can get rid even of insecticidal spray of commercial jet type even if we do not use appliance.

It becomes around 2.5m when we lengthen rental appliance. We can purchase at stand on the first floor of the insecticide Izumi Ward government office for exclusive use of thing having you purchase.

Method of the extermination

We will get rid promptly if ready.

After the evening is recommended to work.

Work is possible even in the daytime, but can get rid of all bees as bee returns to nest after dark in the evening.

Let's confirm that there is not pedestrian traffic.

We approach den calmly and leave the place without confirming that bee does not fly, and jet being upset towards den for 2-3 seconds.

We do not enter mist right under at windward
  • As bee is very vulnerable to medicine, it is not necessary to hang a lot of medicine.
  • Medicine does not splatter like a brick, and there are enough effects with letter of fog.
  • When there is wind, please atomize from windward.
  • As bee falls from the top when it jets from right under nest, please do not be included right below.
  • At the time of work, small children will prevent them from approaching.

We hang medicine in den again after doing for a while and confirm that bee is not.

Using fire, there is person to burn hive, and to get rid of, but please certainly stop as there might be fire.

Clearing after the extermination

You drop hive with sticks during the day when you hung medicine or the next day, and please remove.
New bee may be born from cocoon when we keep intact. Please remove after hanging medicine before removal again when we remove on the next day. You smash nest which you removed and prevent you from touching hand directly, and please dispose as garbage.

If we are stabbed…

Let's wash wound under running water by any chance when we have been bitten by bee. You should have you examine with medical institution just to make sure.

Other bees



Size looks very big when we fly at around 2-4cm. Color is short and thick in comparison with yellow and black striped pattern, paper wasp.
Nest is very big with ball form, and there is brown-like imbrication, and hole of doorway is one place.
In addition, place to prepare den into varies according to kinds and may be in in the ceiling and wall.



Size of bee is around 1.2cm, and the abdomen is yellow and black striped pattern. Character may not sting if we do nothing quietly.
By nest parting (seal) of from April to May, getting away of from August to September, we come in great mass and may come flying, but disappear during a few days.

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