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Issuance of taxation (tax exemption) certificate of city prefectural tax

 We proved ratable value "of" municipal tax, prefectural tax estimated at taxation (tax exemption) certificate from income or deductions from income in the previous year (from January 1 to December 31).
 As a general rule, we issue in municipality having address in levy date (January 1) of the year concerned.

Content to prove

  • Address, full name as of January 1
  • Income amount of money of the last year, salary payment amount of money
  • Income deduction
  • Breakdowns such as credit for dependents
  • The amount of a tax of municipal tax, prefectural tax

When proof is demanded at window


Required documents

Tax payer
And it is living together relative
Documents which can confirm that it is the personTo site of Yokohama-shi
※ In the case of the other household (including household separation), proxy is necessary.
Proxy/agent ・Documents which can confirm that it is the proxy/agent person
・ pdf Proxy (Portable Document Format, 55KB)


 One 300 yen (as you are exempted depending on use, please refer at window)

When proof is demanded by mail

 About one having difficulty in coming to window, we can request taxation (tax exemption) certificate by mail. But it is only the person to be able to request.

 You enclose next, and please request by mail.

  • Application
    You print application from city tax proof application download page (page of Yokohama-shi city tax electron service), or please list the next item in letter paper. 
      ・ Full name (signature), the date of birth     
      ・ Address in Izumi Ward on January 1     
      ・ The present address and phone number   
      ・ The year (income in the last year as for the contents of proof) to need
      ・ The necessary number of copies
      ・ Reason (application, support application, Child Allowance of financing, employee health insurance) to need
  • Fixed-amount money order (we purchase at post office) of sum same as fee
    ※ Of change prevent you from appearing.                         ※ As you are exempted depending on use, please refer to following responsible.
  • Envelope (we attach stamp for the postage) for reply 

<please be careful>

  1. As arrival of certificate serves as identity verification as for the reply by mail request, we cannot send any place other than the address in resident certificate of demonstrator.
  2. We cannot demand mail by proxy/agent. Excuse me, but please request at window.


〒245-0024 Izumi, Izumi-ku, Yokohama-shi center north 5-1-1 Izumi Ward government office Tax Division City Tax Section

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