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Seal Registration

Persons that can register seals

Person who is doing resident registration in Izumi Ward. But one younger than 15 years and adult ward cannot register.

※In addition, about one made address transfer in Yokohama-shi, Seal Registration is just effective. It is not necessary to register again. About the suburbs, one transferred abroad, Seal Registration is crossed on scheduled transference date that there was of report. It is moved into again in Yokohama-shi, and please perform registration application of one where certification of a seal impression was necessary for newly.

Method of registration

Method of registration includes three methods of driver's license method, guarantor method, document inquiry method. Private seal registration document (card) is issued when we register. Please bring at the time of issuance of certificate by all means.

Method of registration One that comes to ward office Necessary thing Issuance of private seal certificate
Driver's license method Only as for the registering person Private seal to register 1 with
Thing in expiration date to beat by identification card which we put photograph on by government offices issuance of 2 driver's licenses, passport after the issuance within ten years.
On the day we can issue
Guarantor method The person who registers Private seal to register 1 with
Identity verification of one that came to 2 windows is made (health insurance cards)
It is Seal Registration application with signature, registered seal seal of guarantor in 3 warranty columns
(private seal certificate within three months after issuance is necessary when guarantor is suburbs resident.)
On the day we can issue
Proxy/agent It is the same as the above about 1, 2, 3. But proxy/agent cannot serve as guarantor
Proxy (about way separately) of 4 person signature
Seal of 5 proxy/agent
Document inquiry method The person who registers Private seal to register 1 with
Identity verification of one that came to 2 windows is made (health insurance cards)
We mail inquiry book to the person when we submit application. We can issue from day when we submitted enclosed answer book to ward office before time limit.
Proxy/agent It is the same as the above about 1, 2.
Proxy (about way separately) of 3 person signature
Seal of 4 proxy/agent

Seal registration application application

Downloading of Seal Registration application

  • Person registered by guarantor method downloads application and prints and fills out with reference to guarantor method of registration method, and please bring.

In the case of loss such as the abolition, registration document of Seal Registration

When person who has been already registered loses case and registration document (card) and registration mark to abolish registration, report is necessary. As Seal Registration is only one for one, it is similar when we exchange private seal. In addition, please refer for the details to Izumi Ward government office Family Registry Division Registration Section as you will have you come twice when proxy/agent reports loss of registration document (card). In addition, procedure when proxy/agent registers because we lost private seal registration document is this → [PDF]<< in detail >> (Portable Document Format, 115KB)

Seal Registration proxy

Proxy paper (Portable Document Format, 37KB)

  • When proxy/agent does Seal Registration-related application, proxy is necessary by all means.
  • On paper such as letter paper, the person, please sign.
  • Terms of reference…In relating to this), please fill in contents of necessary application matter.
  • In the case of application to exchange registration mark, private seal with only in the case of seal registration application, seal of the person, please seal in registration mark of both the old and the new.

Reception hours

From 8:45 a.m. on weekdays to 5:00 p.m.

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