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Anti-crime program

Town development to be able to live on security for in peace

"Voluntary anti-crime program system - of -150,000 town development to be able to live on security for in peace"

 We aim at realization of town to be able to live on town, security not to let you cause crime in Izumi Ward for in peace, and related organizations such as area, company, group, the police, ward office cooperate and wrestle for local anti-crime program improvement.
 If we raise awareness of each person's anti-crime program and can connect to anti-crime program action little by little, we are thinking that we are a big help as the whole area.

Concrete approach

  • Izumi Ward area anti-crime program town development promotion meeting
    Area, group, company, related organizations cooperate closely and collaborate and carry out general anti-crime program measures with the whole area.
  • The conclusion of agreement about support, cooperation of local voluntary anti-crime program activity
     Company performing operation in ward exchanges "agreement about support, cooperation of anti-crime program measures for realization of town development to be able to live on Izumi Ward security for in peace" between various groups, Chairperson association of Izumi Ward Neighborhood Association Machiuchi fair, Izumi Ward government office, spring police department and aims at improvement of anti-crime program of obi in the daytime in midnight time zone in early morning when correspondence is difficult in terms of time.
  • Izumi Ward doggy patrol 
     In the case of pet dog walking which had you register, member is volunteer activity to have you touch lead vote during "anti-crime program patrol conduct".
  • Manager for local anti-crime program charge meeting
     Manager for anti-crime program charge, police department , ward office of 12 district alliance in ward almost carry out report, information exchange of approach about local anti-crime program, problem examination once in two months.
  • Voluntary anti-crime program activity by Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations
     In ward 156 Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations at the time of commuting to and from school of voluntary anti-crime program patrol and primary schoolchild watch, and various independence anti-crime program including activity is active.
  • Blue anti-crime program patrol with public car
     We put together by blue rotary light patrol wearing vehicle with public car at leaving school time of elementary school student mainly on "day (one day a month and ten days) of security of Yokohama-shi child" and carry out anti-crime program patrol.

Izumi Ward crime information

The main crime occurrence situation We fly to external link.(page of spring police department community safety) in Izumi Ward

Other information


  • Trick of crime
     We are aimed by bicycle theft, motorcycle theft, car break-in, snatching, street robbery, theft such trick.

Link to the police

Illustration of police car To homepage of spring police department To outside site

Illustration of police car To homepage of the Kanagawa PoliceTo outside site

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