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Format downloading for Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations

Downloading of each format

You can download documents which are more necessary than the following link.

◇ Format (to download page) about local disaster prevention activity encouragement grant (evacuation shelter)


General Affairs Division Risk Management Subdivision  
Telephone: 045-800-2309
FAX: 045-800-2505

◇ Chairperson Neighborhood Association Machiuchi workshop application (Ms-Word fileMS-Word form, 25.0KB)
  1 summary
    (1) Date
      Thursday, March 15, 2018 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (plan) [opening 3:00 p.m.]
      The fourth floor of the Izumi Ward government office 4ABC meeting room
      1, Onishi Taira (captain at professional rugby coach / former Kobe steel manufacture rugby club)

◇ Leading figure workshop application (Ms-Word fileMS-Word form, 20.0KB) of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations activity
  1 summary
    (1) Date
      Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. (plan) [opening 1:00 p.m.]
      The fourth floor of the Izumi Ward government office 4ABC meeting room
      Koji Utsumi (Yokohama-shi town development coordinator)

◇ Alliance Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations officer, unit Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations officer many years incumbent commendation recommendation style
  Is for association of 1 Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations officer (style 1); (Ms-Word fileMS-Word form, 36.0KB)
  Is for 2 unit Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations officers (style 2); (Ms-Word fileMS-Word form, 37.0KB)

◇ 2018, 31 young people instructor recommendation style
  1 Yokohama-shi young people instructor candidate recommendation book (Ms-Word fileMS-Word form, 67.0KB)

◇ Each 2017, 30 commission committee recommendation style
  Member of election promotion meeting promotion recommendation book that 1 Izumi Ward is well acquainted with (for Chairperson alliance Neighborhood Association Machiuchi) (Ms-Word fileMS-Word form, 67.0KB)
  Member of 2 health practice promotion recommendation list (Ms-Word fileMS-Word form, 40.0KB)
  3 2017, 2018 Yokohama-shi environment business promotion committee recommendation book (Ms-Excel fileMS-Excel form, 42.5KB)
  Member of 4 2017, 2018 Yokohama-shi consumer life promotion candidate recommendation book (Ms-Excel fileMS-Excel form, 34.0KB)
  Recommendation report (Ms-Word fileMS-Word form, 33.5KB) of 5 31st Yokohama-shi sports promotion committees

◇ Formats (to Chairperson association of Izumi Ward Neighborhood Association Machiuchi society homepage) such as local action promotion costsTo outside site
  ・Local action promotion costs, crime prevention light maintenance management fee subsidy
  ・Disaster prevention organization activity costs subsidy of town
  ・Anti-crime program activity support project subsidy
  ・Izumi Ward district alliance sponsorship event support project subsidy
  ・Izumi Ward Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations Information Bulletin Board maintenance subsidy
  ・Izumi Ward area garbage reduction promotion activity subsidy

Regional Promotion Division local action support charge The third floor 311th
Telephone: 045-800 -2391.2397
FAX: 045-800-2507

◇ Gathering of area and ward
  About style 1 held hope about style 2 hope schedules about style 3 problem, request (Ms-Word fileMS-Word form, 63.0KB)

Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section  
Telephone: 045-800-2333
FAX: 045-800-2505


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