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Information disclosure request

We can demand disclosure of personal information of administrative document which Yokohama-shi holds and self.


One that we can request

  • We can demand disclosure of administrative document from anyone.
  • It is the person or legal representative to be able to demand disclosure of personal information.

Request method

  • You fill in predetermined bill with names of full name, address, administration document, and please submit.
  • By word of mouth or call cannot request.
  • Private seal is not necessary.
  • In the case of disclosure request of personal information, documents proving that it is the person or proxy/agent are necessary.

Request place

  • Each ward office Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section (in the Izumi Ward government officeThe first floor 101st)
  • Yokohama-shi citizen information center (Yokohama City Hall the first floor TEL 045-671-3882)

Decision of disclosure

  • We make decision whether or not we disclose within 14 days from the next day when we had request and notify without delay afterwards.
  • When there are difficulty or other sufficient reasons in paperwork, we may extend decision period.


  • In the case of reading of document, it is free.
  • When grant of copying is demanded, we charge the actual expenses.

Information not to disclose

  • Administrative document is released in principle, but administrative document cannot disclose cases that personal privacy information is recorded.
  • We may not disclose even personal information of self in rules such as laws and ordinances.


Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section The first floor 101st
Telephone: 045-800-2335
FAX: 045-800-2506

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