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Public information yokohama senkuban

 Public information yokohama senkuban

 We issue "every public information yokohama" where we published news of city and ward in for one day a month and distribute through Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations.
 5-12 pages are for Izumi Ward, and 1-4.13 - 16 pages become all cities version To site of Yokohama-shi(month, the moon of added pages are usually different.) on page 16 in tabloid.

The latest issue is this

September, 2018 issue

Public information yokohama senkuban September, 30 issue cover PDFYou can look at in Portable Document Format (5.25MB).
Page Main contents
5 PDFFull-scale Kabuki "Yokohama Izumi Kabuki of inhabitant of a ward handicraft," it is citizen of Izumi Ward sports Festival 2018
6 PDFIzumi Ward government office bulletin board from 20 to 26 on September are Be-Kind-to-Animals Week, 2018 Izumi Ward person fortune bank registration lecturer plan courses
7 PDFAbout fire brigade supporting security, relief of news - area from Izumi Ward government office bulletin board Izumi fire department, words cliff to child care column - baby, local power - petanque meeting Kamiiida housing complex alliance Neighborhood Association, autumn whole country Traffic Safety Campaign begin!
8.9 PDFI would like tower support from day when we possessed at the time of special feature disaster required
10 PDFIt is intellect rou, uplifting town spring - third Izumi Ward community-based welfare health planning Shimbashi district Council of Social Welfare about news, tuberculosis from Izumi Ward government office
11 PDFHello, it is communicated inhabitant of a ward activity information ayame by child care information, news, Izumi Library from Izumi Ward Council of Social Welfare
12 PDFNews from facility

Publication to ayame communication

 Inhabitant of a ward activity information ayame communication is corner to publish activities of group and personal volunteer everybody enrolling in Izumi Ward in.
 As for the details about publication, please see this.

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 Publication contents are things at the time of issuance, and contents may be different from the present.

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