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Guidance of each section, person in charge

General Affairs Division

General Affairs Section (ward office the sixth floor first window)

  • The car temporary number, disaster prevention, proof such as name of a street lot number changes, social movement (volunteer) insurance

Budget Adjustment Section (ward office the sixth floor first window)

  • Budget, financial statements of ward, duties of Government building management

Statistics and Elections Section (ward office the sixth floor second window)

  • Election, absentee vote, board of elections, various statistics data, national censuses, other statistics investigations

Ward Administration Promotion Division

Public Relations Section (ward office the first floor first window)

  • Public information, petition, request, inhabitant of a ward consultation, reception desk of information disclosure, reading of administrative document, reception desk of life memorial tree

Planning and Adjustment Section (ward office the sixth floor fifth window)

  • Plan, adjustment of main important business business in ward, making of rule consultation corner of town, local power promotion

Regional Promotion Division

Person in charge of local promotion (ward office the sixth floor 3.4 turn window)

  • Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, consumer life, crime prevention light, Traffic Safety Campaign, support of regional alliances, local power promotion
  • Beautification promotion, illegal dumping of town, reduction, recycling, illegally parked bicycle

Activity support person in charge (ward office the sixth floor fourth window)

  • Inhabitant of a ward activity support, youth development, sports promotion, local culture promotion, international exchange, anti-crime program
  • Operational management of use of inhabitant of a ward facility

isogo kuminkatsudoshien center (Isogo Ward synthesis Government building the seventh floor)

  • isogo kuminkatsudoshien center supports everybody working on various activities in area.

Family Registry Division (ward office the second floor 1-6 turn window)

  • All the family register matter proof (certificate of family register), family register individual matter proof (certificate of partial family register), identification card, report (the marriage, divorce, birth, the death, transfer of domicile) of family register, partial copy of nullified family register, abridgment, acceptance certificate, tag of family register
  • Copying, certification of a seal impression of resident certificate, resident certificate items mentioned proof, report, Seal Registration such as transference, moving, transference, entrance to school, transfer of elementary and junior high school, turn of house indication belonging to, application of resident registry card, electron certificate, special permanent resident certificate

Tax Division

Taxation charge (ward office the third floor 3.5.6 turn window)

  • Issuance of personal taxation (income) certificate, registration, junk car of motor bike (motorcycles less than 125cc), report, taxation of personal city prefectural tax, taxation (※) of light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei)
  • Issuance of evaluation proof of land, house, reading of figure of reading, house proof (except new construction) for house, investigation, taxation of property tax, urban planning tax of land
  • Investigation, taxation (※) of property tax, urban planning tax of house

Tax Receipt Section (ward office the third floor fourth window)

  • Issuance of tax payment certificate, payment, consultation of city tax

Ward's Treasurer's Office (ward office the third floor first window)

  • Payment such as expenditure of city public money, return such as city taxes, National Health Insurance allowance for family medical expenses, benefit

Health and Welfare Division

Business planning staff, Administration Planning Section (ward office the fourth floor 16th window)

  • The promotion welfare, hygiene statistics local welfare officer, children's committee relations of plan, adjustment community-based welfare health of the welfare, health

Health Promotion Section (ward office the fourth floor 15th window)

  • Infectious disease measures tuberculosis prevention Vaccinations atom bomb victim protection cancer screening hepatitis measures nutrition consultation health promotion support

Health Sanitation Division

Food Sanitation Section (ward office the fourth floor 18th window)

  • A lot of consultation medical affairs, pharmaceutical practice license application about food hygiene sales-affiliated food

Environmental Sanitation Section (ward office the fourth floor 17th window)

  • Registration of consultation dog of consultation dog/cat such as hygiene management consultation hygiene pests of environmental hygiene sales-affiliated building, house

Elderly and Disabled Support Division (ward office the fifth floor first window)

  • We talk about mental health welfare with respect for the old special identification of ride, use of welfare taxi ticket, toll road person with a disability discount, welfare special ticket (obstacle), Hama card, golden age club, medical expenses payment (designated incurable disease , independence support (rebirth) medical care, independence support (mind going to hospital) medical care), elderly person welfare consultation, The Long-term Care Insurance need of nursing care, pivot support application, consultation of physical disability, mental disabilities welfare

Children and Families Support Division

Children and Families Support Section (ward office the fifth floor 1.2 turn window)

  • Child Allowance, mother and child health handbook, medical expenses payment (specific childhood chronic disease, independence support (upbringing) medical care, nurture medical care), welfare special ticket (family of mother and child), health consultation, maternal and child health of expectant mothers, woman, thing about child care, Child Raising Allowance, mother and the child widow welfare fund, after school thing about kids club, Schoolchildren's Day Care

Nursery school relations (ward office the fifth floor second window)

  • Thing about nursery school

Life support section (ward office the fifth floor fifth window)

  • Consultation war dead bereaved protection of social security

Insurance and Pension Division (ward office the second floor 7-10 turn window)

  • Report of participation, transfer, payment of National Health Insurance, Geriatrics and Gerontology system (medical system for elder senior citizens), The Long-term Care Insurance, payment of premium, retired employee medical care, various medical expenses furtherance such as pediatric care, payment of old man health, identification medical examination
  • National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) participation procedure, consultation, report of premium exemption, student payment exception, notices of old-age welfare pension, decision request of National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin)

Isogo engineering works office (not in Isogo Ward synthesis Government building)

  • Pavement, repair, improvement of road and new establishment, repair of the sewer, private use permission of way waterway, border investigation of way waterway, reading of figure of border investigation
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