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General Affairs Division (Statistics and Elections Section)

[urgent recruitment] It recruits investigators of house, land statistics investigation in 2018!

With 1 house, land statistics investigation

  In investigation that Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications carries out in the whole country once in five years, we investigate the situation such as the number of, area or facilities of housing as basic date on October 1, 2018 and clarify the actual situation of house life.
  As for the findings, policies of country such as house life basic plan and land utility plan are utilized as plan, basic document when they draw up.

Contents (plan) of 2 work

  We visit confirmation of building in appointed investigation area and household in area and collect with distribution of questionnaire.
<main schedule>  
The late August and mid-September

・Attendance (we hold at the daytime on weekdays.) to investigator briefing session
・We distribute "news of investigation" to confirmation of investigation area in charge of, all households (approximately 150 households) and make list
・We submit list to ward office
The middle of September ・We distribute documents for online answer to households (approximately 50 households) which ward office extracted from submitted list
The end of September ・For household without online answer, we distribute questionnaire
The early October and mid-October

・We visit household and collect questionnaire
・We submit again and, for unanswered household, ask (posting)
The mid-October and late October ・We arrange questionnaire and submit to ward office

Social position of 3 investigators

  We become local public service worker of part-time service. In other words, during period appointed as investigator, we will have social position of local public service worker like the staff working at administration.

Reward (plan) of 4 investigations

  Around 66,000 yen (plan)
  ※ In the case of 3 investigation wards. Please be in charge of principle 3 investigation ward (approximately 50 households).
  ※ About charge investigation ward, we decide the application situation or transportation after consideration.  
    (it may not necessarily become around home.)

5 qualifications

  ・One 20 years or older
  ・Person who can do office work of investigation with responsibility
  ・Person who can keep secret
  ・One that has nothing to do with tax practice, the police, election directly

6 application methods

  You fill in this application (Excel) with required items, and postmark is effective, and or please bring email, mail directly in following presentation on Friday, June 29.
 ※ Instructions on applying  
  ・ Application is concentrated in constant area, and, depending on the offer situation, please understand beforehand as we may not adopt.
        In addition, in that case, we do not send back application.
  ・ About decision of investigator adoption, I will inform by telephone and mail by the beginning of July.
  ・ We may inquire about contents such as applications beforehand.

7 application presentation, other references

  〒235-0016 3-5-1, Isogo, Isogo-ku, Yokohama-shi
  Isogo Ward government office General Affairs Department General Affairs Division Statistics and Elections Section (the sixth floor of the ward office second window)
  Email: is-toukei@city.yokohama.jp
  Telephone: 045-750-2316 FAX: 045-750-2530
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