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General Affairs Division (Statistics and Elections Section)


News ... of ... election enlightenment event

"Let's go for election! Wonder Wonder concert 2 is concert where we can participate in although song which can participate from 0 years old is perfect for dance!
Let's enjoy together while learning about election!


 The date and time: From October 9, 2017 Monday (holiday) 11:30 to 12:30 (the 11:00 opening)


 Place: Isogo inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center Sugita Theater 5F hall

    (1-1-1, Sugita rabisuta Shinsugita)


 Performer: Koei Asano and heart full friends

     masukottoikotto Jr. of Yokohama-shi election


 Entrance fee: Free of charge

 Application, reference: Please see guidance handbill.

 Guidance handbill is this! PDF file(PDF: 2.74MB)

The execution of a lot of 1 election

  Name (kind) of election Term The term expiration Public announcement day, notification day
 The Yokohama mayoral election Four years August 29, 2021  14 days ago of election day
 Yokohama-shi congressist general election Four years April 29, 2019  Nine days ago of election day
 Kanagawa governor's race Four years April 22, 2019  17 days ago of election day
 Kanagawa congressist general election Four years April 29, 2019  Nine days ago of election day
The government
 Member of the House of Representatives general election Four years December 13, 2018  12 days ago of election day
 Member of the House of Councilors ordinary election Six years * July 28, 2019  17 days ago of election day
July 25, 2022

*In addition, by-elections by vacancy are carried out.
*As for the member of the House of Councilors, half of members of the Diet are re-elected every three years.

☆ Person who cannot go for vote on the day on election day to early vote!
  Person having right to vote can vote in Isogo Ward at next period, place.
  ・Isogo Ward government office (Isogo 3-5-1)…From the next day of public announcement day, notification day to the day before of election day
  ・The hamaginkodomo space Hall of Science (5-2-1, Yokodai)…From eight days ago of election day to the day before of election day

2 polling places

You can see polling place To site of Yokohama-shifrom this.

3 election enlightenment

(1) Bright election promotion meeting
Aiming at promotion of realization and vote participation of fair, bright election, we perform various enlightenment activities.

☆Business introduction of 2015 conduct is this! PDF file(PDF: 1,115KB)
☆Business introduction of 2014 conduct is this! PDF file(PDF: 575KB)
☆Business introduction of 2013 conduct is this! PDF file(PDF: 789KB)
☆Business introduction of 2012 conduct is this! PDF file(PDF: 827KB)
☆Business introduction of 2011 conduct is this! PDF file(PDF: 7.6MB)
(2) Election forum
For the purpose of promoting civic political participation, we carry out election enlightenment business of participation type.
(3) Motto (we do not raise at ※ present) in connection with motto, election with Isogo Ward as spirit
   (as for the past prize winner in 2012 PDF file2011 PDF file2010PDF file 2009PDF file 2008PDF file 2007PDF file)
(4) Election promotion workshop that Isogo Ward is well acquainted with
Member of bright election promotion recognizes importance of election enlightenment and carries out for the purpose of planning more enhancement of bright election campaign and consciousness improvement of member of promotion.
(5) Isogo festival enlightenment
    We carry out election enlightenment activity in "Isogo festival" that a large number of inhabitants of a ward gather. 

About publication of 4 electoral list abridgment reading situation

We announce about the situation of electoral list abridgment reading.

About holding of 5 Isogo Ward Electoral Management Committee meeting

About 6 Isogo Ward Electoral Management Committee minutes

You can see the Isogo Ward Electoral Management Committee minutes point from this.

7 election-related links

Yokohama-shi board of electionsTo site of Yokohama-shi
It is homepage of Yokohama-shi board of elections. Please from this about election of Yokohama-shi!
About the removal of a ban of Internet campaigning, please see thisTo site of Yokohama-shi.
Kanagawa board of electionsTo outside site
It is homepage of Kanagawa board of elections.
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications election system reformTo outside site
    About reform of recent election system from this.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs overseas ballotTo outside site
It is guide about overseas election system.  

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