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Ward Administration Promotion Division (Public Relations Section)

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In emergency

Facility information

■Public institution, public service

■The welfare, health, medical care

■Use of citizen facility

■Nursery school, kindergarten, school

Information for each section

General Affairs Division

Ward Administration Promotion Division

Regional Promotion Division

Family Registry Division

Tax Division

Ward's Treasurer's Office

Health and Welfare Division

Health Sanitation Division

Elderly and Disabled Support Division

Children and Families Support Division

Life support section

Insurance and Pension Division

Isogo engineering works office

Open agency time

Administration of a ward information

Information for ward office

Profile of Isogo Ward

Statistics information

Charm of Isogo

Press release

Procedure, service

Family register, resident certificate

Pension , insurance


Health and medical care

Elderly person

The welfare and health

Impaired person

When we had trouble with life

Baby, child


Town development, city planning

Living, living environment

Social movement, volunteer, lifelong learning

In the case of emergency

Valuable Information

Life stage

Delivery, child care

Admission, entrance to school




Funeral service, the death

Generation distinction


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