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Life stage

Funeral service, the death


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Funeral service, the death

Family register relations

When he died

I want personal matter proof all the family register of person who died

I want resident certificate of person who died

Person who has family of living together when family nurturer dies

Person who died in the case of foreigner

National Health Insurance relations

  • Procedure is necessary as follows. [Insurance and Pension Division]
    • Return (National Health Insurance member) of health insurance card
    • Pro-welfare Medical Certificate return (National Health Insurance member)
    • Identification of old recipient return (National Health Insurance member) (person who died 70 years old or older)

The Long-term Care Insurance relations

Procedure is necessary for the following cases.

One during certification for long-term care application in 40 years old or more

  • Person [Insurance and Pension Division] who already used The Long-term Care Insurance service before authorization

Person who died is certification of care need person at 40-64 years old

  • Return [Insurance and Pension Division] of health insurance card

Pension relations

Welfare health relations

Person who is targeted for certificate of the physically disabled, nursing (love) notebook, mental patient health welfare notebook

  • Notebook return [Elderly and Disabled Support Division]
  • Return [Elderly and Disabled Support Division] of severeness person with a disability Medical Certificate (misho 1-3 grade)

Person who has health handbook of an A-bomb victim

One where Yokohama-shi A-bomb victim protection costs were received in one where had health handbook of an A-bomb victim

A-bomb victim who has identification of child physical checkup consultation


  • Identification of respect for the old special ride return [Elderly and Disabled Support Division]
  • Use of welfare taxi ticket return [Elderly and Disabled Support Division]

Child Allowance, Child Raising Allowance receipt household

  • When recipient or supply requirements elementary school student dies [Children and Families Support Division]
  • Report of Child Raising Allowance end [Children and Families Support Division]


Person who died owned motorcycles less than 125cc

About city, prefectural tax of person who died

When we die in the middle of year as city, prefectural tax (residence tax) is taxed based on income of the last year toward the house on January 1, as for year-end fair, prefectural tax, heir comes to have you put. Reference (page of Yokohama-shi)To site of Yokohama-shi

Food hygiene relations, environmental hygiene-related patente

When applicant, scholar of report die, report is necessary.

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