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Ward Administration Promotion Division (Public Relations Section)

"Wind news of Isogo" No. 41

isogo local action forum lecture name supervisor came over

 On Saturday, June 16, lecture of Genchi Watanabe of supervisor in front of Yokohama High School baseball club was held.

We do not know on 51 wins in total, the back of carrier of glory won the championship five times in spring, summer in Koshien
Stories that great achievement was achieved through it while there was various difficulty, and supervision you struggled
We called.
 We bring up player while repeating trial and error for big aim to "win the championship in Koshien",
By experiences that brought up team, was right lined experience one one of the stories; was valuable.

 In story on the day which "have learned from defeat" from "defeat, glory than failure, victory than success
The word that we learned remained in impression from failure.
 In addition, "what's called unit glitters in the whole. No matter how much power of unit is strong, you must be reflected by team.
"I do not get used to my" being strong in deha, team. Descent, baseball team has the same local development as for this,
We served as a reference very much and felt that it was useful story.
 Notice that cannot beat when supervision you do not change from exercise, only severe exercise earnestly, of conversation and patience
We keep person including story that arrived at the instruction method alive, and chest becomes hot for words that preached importance of bringing up
It was thought.
 This lecture was held as isogo local action forum 2018. This event in ward
All of groups of cultural activities, lifelong learning, volunteers moving into action gathers once a year in cathedral,
We announce everyday activity and interchange each other.
 Let's enlarge <WA in this year when Isogo inhabitant of a ward activity support center opens in 2008, and it is the tenth year!
... thank you ... of the tenth anniversary>We hold this in catch phrase. In the first floor of the ward office inhabitant of a ward hall, public hall assembly room,
Experience-based corners more than 20 including consultation corner that is useful for musical instrument performance stage, accessories making, life,
Display booth was established and had many participants arrive.
  Isogo inhabitant of a ward activity support center is on the seventh floor of the Isogo Ward government office, and they open on Saturday and Sunday other than holiday, the year-end and New Year holidays
We are doing. There is what kind of advocacy group in everybody, ward that want to begin something, or how is
Please come to look for whether there is thing.

                                 June 26, 2018 Director General of Isogo Ward Masayuki Kobayashi




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