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Ward Administration Promotion Division (Public Relations Section)

"Wind news of Isogo" No. 39

Reach the new year

 At Isogo Ward government office, personnel transfers of member of general office work are announced again the managerial class on April 13 on April 1,
The new system of 2018 was set.
 The post 90th anniversary, the next new year toward the 100th anniversary finally started.

 On April 1, spring meeting opening ceremony of Isogo Ward Little League schoolchild part was held.
 When when was waiting for opening ceremony at back seat behind home plate, children of player pass in front of me, as for which child,
We took off hat quietly and said hello with "good morning".
In courtesy and crispiness which children say hello to aloud well very of feeling is good,
We were able to cut start of the new year.

 In addition, commission type of the 26th young people instructor is held on April 11 and has just begun for 140 people
We asked for activity for 2 years.

 "Isogo Ward young people healthy upbringing guideline" was made in Isogo Ward in last year by all of Isogo Ward youth development meetings.
It is introduced that we have a meaning with "bond" and reading of two of "hodashi" character called "bond" in this.

 Whereas "bond" is connection to feel relations with partner to be comfortable, with "hodashi" from partner
Saying when it is told, for example, "to sleep early" by connection confined action to by parent, child is saying "it is noisy"
We mean such a connection to feel relations with partner to be troublesome.
 However, in meaning that is true because "both this "bond and" hodashi" yearn for partner carefully, and it seems
We mean that it becomes "deep connection".
When the word "bond" had a really deep meaning, we knew me for the first time.

 When children of Isogo Ward build bond with family, bond with friend, bond with local people and want you to bring up soundly
We pray heartily.

 With people this year local as for me in story of inhabitants of a ward in spite of being inquiry and various groups, companies,
As will do the best to make this historical Isogo Ward more splendid town, thank you for your cooperation.

                                  April 16, 2018 Director General of Isogo Ward Masayuki Kobayashi

Isogo Ward executive photograph

Photograph of Isogo Ward executive

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