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Ward Administration Promotion Division (Public Relations Section)

"Wind news of Isogo" No. 36

A Happy New Year

 All of you are pleased with the New Year with thing to pick up in good health.

 On Friday, January 5, we hold congratulations exchange party in royal hall Yokohama of Naka Ward in the Isogo Ward New Year
We did. On the day thank you for participating in many of you.
 Having congratulations exchange society of each district invite, and celebrating the New Year with local all of you afterwards
We were able to do it. Thank you very much.
 We were able to start the New Year safely this year.

 By the way, for one year when the 90th anniversary is over and wrestles steadily this year towards "future Isogo"
We will push forward three next approaches in important point in order to do.
 The first is "child, child care support". So that children carrying the future grow up in good health,
In addition, we wrestle to be able to do child care in peace without parents standing alone in area.
 The second is "elderly person support". In area where elderly people lived so long, seem to be oneself, in spirit
We wrestle to be able to live.
 The third is "security of town". As for road cliff disaster prevention construction and road safety measures, the evacuation shelter training,
We will wrestle widely.

 While regarding "connection" cultivated during long history of conventional Isogo Ward as important, of all
We will push forward approach of one one well so that smile of inhabitants of a ward becomes overflowing town.

 In this year thank you for your cooperation

                         January 31, 2018 Director General of Isogo Ward Masayuki Kobayashi

Friday, January 5 Isogo Ward New Year congratulations exchange society (o royal hall Yokohama)



Congratulations exchange society of each district




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