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Ward Administration Promotion Division (Public Relations Section)

"Wind news of Isogo" No. 33

Thank you for festival with ceremony Isogo festival of the 90th anniversary of Isogo constituency system the day before

 Isogo Ward reached the constituency system 90th anniversary on October 1.
 Prior to Isogo festival, commemorative ceremony started in fanfare by all of Yokodai-Daiichi Junior High School brass band club.
 After celebration message of citron was introduced by ceremony after greetings; two representatives of fourth grader are the 100th anniversary
We entrusted post office with letter for oneself ten years after niataru.
 And, after song and dance of ISOGO 90, is performance of "bridging of glory" by all of Yokodai-Daiichi Junior High School; ceremony
We completed.
 It was a solemn such ceremony to feel young power for the future inside.


 What Isogo festival held sequentially has you participate in very many inhabitants of a ward, and the cause of the large prosperity holds
We were able to do it.
 Blessed with weather, 1,000 balloons soar up into all clear blue sky by annual opening balloon tobashi; from the sea
To wind, group of balloon flew to the far-off sky of ward Government building.

 And, in parade, with march of police musical band in the lead, brass band performance and baton perform; as for dance or the musical accompaniment,
Local various places and student developed favorite performance.

 Enlightenment booth and mall to be able to learn happily about disaster prevention and environment in ward Government building inhabitant of a ward hall, outdoor parking lot, Isogo avenue
Also, shop of morning market, shop of many delicious food and pleasant goods, it is Otsuchi-cho, Iwate government office and many years of reconstruction aid, Okamura district
Product exhibition of Ikeda-cho, Nagano with to interchange had you open a store and, in crowd whom the sidewalk was filled with almost, did well.

 In addition, "car flock to act in engineering works office," it is inhabitant of a ward stage in public hall, Isogo technical high school in Isogo center
Experiment and activity announcement by student of ya Hitorizawa high school, kick target by Yokohama F. Marinos cooperation, Isogo community care plaza
You were able to enjoy various events including lecture by deno Medical Association to many people.

 In addition, there is stage by exclusive truck which we stopped on the industrial road in the afternoon and dances with song of ISOGO 90 and mask girl,
At hero show, we swelled very much.


 Concerning the 90th anniversary, perform festival concert the day before this year on September 30 of the day before; song and dance, performance of jazz,
And there is history introduction of Isogo with slide by local chairperson, too, and enjoy to at all many inhabitants of a ward
We were able to have.

 While this these business of the 90th anniversary has cooperation of many local everybodies for approximately one year; in executive committee examination
We repeated and prepared. When effort of all of you bore fruit and became splendid festival appropriate for commemorative event
We think.

 We thank many inhabitants of a ward who had you make an effort for success of event of the 90th anniversary heartily.
 Thank you very much.

                                  October 3, 2017 Director General of Isogo Ward Masayuki Kobayashi

September 30 (until October 1 another one day)

[day before festival concert] We celebrate by music and dance. Finally, with all the performers, we sang "it is like flow of river".

The October 1 day

[commemorative ceremony] In Isogo Ward after video message from citron with connection primary schoolchild "time capsule mail"
o mailing. We completed by "bridging of glory" by Yokodai-Daiichi Junior High School performance.

[opening - parade] After annual balloon tobashi, we parade.
As for the voice "that a group of balloons became form of Isogo Ward, and splashed."

[branch] We had many people come this year.

[car flock to act] It is extreme popularity for children!

[Isogo center] Experience-based event by high school student, kick target by Yokohama F. Marinos cooperation.

[industrial road stage] Hero show, mask girl, stage of ISOGO 90.
Finally, we made collaboration in mask girl +ISOGO 90+ Isoppi!

   With all of executive committees. Thank you!

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