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Ward Administration Promotion Division (Public Relations Section)

"Wind news of Isogo" No. 31

Local spirit mark! Summer festival ... of ... Isogo

 In this summer, summer festival was held mainly on Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations in each district.
Various invention is done every Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, and bring "bustle" and "connection" in area
We gave, and thank you.

 Lantern, tent which light annual summer festival, rhythmical sum drumbeat color, darkness on oar
Yakisoba served with ya stands, many delicious things including Yakitori,
And non-daily atmosphere enlivens feeling above all.

 A lot of children gather and dance Bon festival dance and see figure which we are in high spirits and enjoy noisily
teiruto nature and this make heart excited and get well.
 I belonged under ring of everybody, too and danced. Mastered coal mine shaft knob and Tokyo leading, but other sounds
Head is model-learning.

 August is over, too and is very near in autumn.
 On October 1, "Isogo festival" of the 90th anniversary of Isogo constituency system is held.
 We have you go to visit by all means, everybody, and let's celebrate the 90th anniversary together.

                     August 31, 2017 Director General of Isogo Ward Masayuki Kobayashi

 Scenery of summer festival of Isogo




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