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Adoption guidance

We greatly share to the staff working at Isogo Ward government office, and there are four kinds of adoption forms.

  1. The regular (general administration, skill) staff of Yokohama-shi adoption
  2. The part-time service part-time service staff of Yokohama-shi and Isogo Ward adoption
  3. Temporary worker (part-time job) of Yokohama-shi adoption
  4. The staff of Yokohama-shi and manufacturer where Isogo Ward entrusts with business

In addition, in the place that acts even if we say Isogo Ward government office, there are "Isogo Ward synthesis Government building" "Isogo engineering works office" "municipal institution nursery schools in ward".

The Yokohama-shi staff

The regular staff of Yokohama-shi is assigned to Isogo Ward government office by personnel affairs placement of city.
The general administration staff, the skill staff (we jump to site of Yokohama-shi National Personnel Commission)To site of Yokohama-shi

Staff of part-time service such as Isogo Ward government offices


Part-time jobs such as Isogo Ward government offices

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