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Insurance and Pension Division

Please be careful about wire fraud that pretended to be staff of ward office

Damage has been already given in Isogo Ward.

We let financial institutions go and are careful about suspicious calls to order ATM operation!

In each city ward, we are going to get account number of financial institution on the pretext of refund of National Health Insurance charges or return procedure of medical expenses in the disguise of ward office and the health center staff on the telephone, and doubt telephones which are going to let you operate automated-teller machine (ATM) occur successively.
After checking the name and position of partner, please refer to ward office Insurance and Pension Division National Health Insurance Section some other time without contacting ordered phone number when we receive suspicious call.

Reference Isogo Ward Insurance and Pension Division National Health Insurance Section
TEL: 750-2425
FAX: 750-2545

At ward office,

  1. We file for return such as premium or medical expenses in document.
  2. For receipts of refund, there is certainly no that we demand operation of automated-teller machine (ATM).
  3. There is certainly no that we demand communication to toll free number and cell-phone beginning with 0120.

Main contents of suspicious call

  • There is return of medical expenses / premium.
  • We gave notice before, but contacted as there was not procedure.
  • We understand the details if we call to phone number of toll free number. (we may appoint cell-phone number)
  • Today is the last day of transfer.
  • We can pay if we operate ATM. nado
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