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Health Sanitation Division (Environmental Sanitation Section)

We hold longevity pet photo exhibition

About photo exhibition

  We hold "longevity pet photo exhibition" on Be-Kind-to-Animals Week.

   * The date and time: To from Saturday, September 15, 2018 to 27th (Thu)

   * Display place: The first floor of the Isogo Ward synthesis Government building inhabitant of a ward hall

State of photo exhibition of 2017
            State of 2017 longevity pet photo exhibition

About application of photograph


Do you not display panel photograph of longevity pet dog, love cat in inhabitant of a ward hall?

We give panel as souvenir after display.

 * It is targeted for application : It is dog 15 years or older and cat as of January 1, 2018 bred in Isogo Ward
          ※Dog finishing registration and report about rabies vaccination of 2018

 * Application method : One piece (we do not mind even length on the side either.) of photograph (as for the size 2L) of pet
                        Match with photograph after filling out required items to application vote, and by Friday, August 17
                        Please submit to Isogo Ward government office Health Sanitation Division window (the fourth-floor 17th window).
  ※Possible mail (destination :〒 235-0016 3-5-1, Isogo, Isogo-ku Isogo Ward government office Health Sanitation Division)

  ★ Photograph enlarges and sticks on panel mount of A4 size and displays.
    I return the application photograph original after display at window.

Longevity pet photo exhibition application vote (PDF file: 376KB)PDF file

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