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Regional Promotion Division (activity support person in charge)

We raise local action base administrative bodies of the Isogo Ward young people!

With local action base of 1 young people

 The young people mainly on middle and high school student generation gather casually and carry out society participation, occupation experience program that utilized offer of place active freely, offer at opportunity to interchange with friend and iyodai, area resources.
 We raise the administration corporations to establish in Isogo Ward newly.

Subscription for 2 essential point

 From Monday, September 11, 2017 to Tuesday, October 10, 2017, please download from our homepage.
 ※We can download from this.

3 application submission of documents

 In application, please submit application documents as follows.
(1) Presentation documents
   According to the attached sheet "list of presentation documents"
   ※Please summarize "summary, the financing situation of 1 company" in one flat file.
   ※"Plan about 2 business administration", please submit one copy of style 1-7 to flat file summary, 15.
(2) Application documents reception desk period and time
   From Monday, September 11, 2017 to Tuesday, October 10, 2017
   (but except Saturday, Sunday and holiday)
   We accept from 9:00 to 12:00 and in the afternoon in the morning during from 1:00 to 5:00.
   ※As we confirm documents, on presentation, please give me the next agency after telephone beforehand in presentation.

(3) Presentation place 
   Isogo Ward government office Regional Promotion Division (the sixth-floor fourth window)
(4) Additional submission of documents
   (1) When we admit that Motoichi is necessary, other than no presentation documents, we may demand additional submission of documents.

Reception desk of 4 questions

   We accept question about contents such as open call for participants essential points by question vote (attached sheet "style 3-2").
(1) Reception desk period
   From Monday, September 11, 2017 to Monday, September 25, 2017

(2) Presentation method
   Please send question vote to Isogo Ward Regional Promotion Division in E-mail.
   ※We do not accept inquiry by other methods.

(3) Presentation
   Isogo Regional Promotion Division E-mail: is-chishin@city.yokohama.jp
(4) Answer to question
   Answer to question replies by publication to our homepage by Monday, October 2, 2017.

About 5 choice

(1) Selection criteria
   Based on the next selection criteria, we evaluate presentation documents of application group and, in the choice of administrative body, choose administrative body.
  Oh, understanding purpose of business, and appropriate business along conduct summary, choice summary and open call for participants essential point being group admitted that administration that suggests and was based on the suggestion is possible.
  Being group which can present business effectively and effectively while getting support and cooperation such as i area, ward office, school.
  Being cooperation, group where we can cooperate in business for the purpose of young independence support in this cormorant city.
(2) Choice method
  Oh, study meeting which the choice requires
    In the choice of administrative body, we install study meeting comprised of suburbs part and ask about opinion. By study meeting, application group carries out presentation based on proposal, and, about not clear part, each committee carries out hearing. After hearing, each committee makes statement of position.
  i choice evaluation committee
    After study meeting holding, we mark based on statement of position of each committee of proposal which application group submitted and study meeting in choice evaluation committee composed of the Motoichi staff. 500 points of evaluations assume perfect score and assume the lowest standard 300 points. Please refer to choice evaluation standard of local action base application group of Isogo Ward young people for choice evaluation standard and end-point.
  The choice of cormorant group to run
    In reference to marking result of choice evaluation committee, Director General of Isogo Ward chooses administrative body.
  Oh, it is notified of choice result
    We notify all application groups of choice result (as a result of choice or non-choice) by document.
    ※We plan the end of October, 2017
  o choice announcement of the result
    After the choice of administrative body, we publish marking result of application group and summary of opinion in our homepage.

Subscription for 6 essential point, application

  jiikikatsudoenyondokorotenuneidantaiboshuyokou (PDF: 535KB) of the Isogo Ward young peoplePDF file

  [attachment documents]
  (1) Layout chart (PDF: 221KB)PDF file
  (2) List of presentation documents (PDF: 242KB)PDF file
  (3) Application style (WORD: 37KB)Word file
  (4) Choice evaluation standard (PDF: 116KB) of local action base application group of Isogo Ward young peoplePDF file
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