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About emergency care of Yokohama-shi

 Here, we introduce approach about emergency care of Yokohama-shi.

 We divide into the initial second, third, disease distinction depending on medical care function that emergency care engine has and maintain the acceptance system of emergency patient to utilize limited health resource effectively in Motoichi, and to offer more appropriate medical care.

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Initial emergency care

  With initial emergency care, we say emergency care for car and mild patients who do the next hospital on foot, and can come home only by foreign treatment.
  We give medical care in emergency clinics on holiday of each ward for Sunday and holiday, the year-end and New Year holidays.
  About the night, we give medical care in Yokohama-shi Night-time Emergency Medical Center (Naka Ward), Yokohama-shi Hokubu Night-time Emergency Medical Center (Tsuzuki Ward  ), Yokohama-shi Nanseibu Night-time Emergency Medical Center (Izumi Ward) every day for from 20:00 to 24:00.
  In addition, we carry out initial emergency care with emergency pediatric service base Hospital (7 hospitals), internal medicine at the pediatrics in second emergency base hospital B (11 hospitals) about late-night after 0:00 (as of July 1, 2015).
  Please see this about Yokohama-shi First Aid Medical Treatment Center.

The second emergency care

  We are conveyed mainly by ambulance, and the second emergency care means emergency care for injury and diseases that hospitalization needs.
  We come to often carry out emergency care by hospital group rotating schedule, but, in Motoichi, we appoint children with internal medicine, surgery base Hospital that the second first aid base Hospital (22 hospitals) and pediatric medical treatment that medical treatment is received are received (7 hospitals) in the city and support administration nationwide so that the anytime 24 hours a day, every day second emergency care is received (as of July 1, 2015).
  The second emergency base hospital divides into A and B depending on medical treatment function of hospital and chooses conveyance depending on disease severity of patient and decides to plan function allotment between hospital.
  We have been found stably by supporting the collection to hospital which appointed pediatrician said to that emergency pediatric service base Hospital is short and lay secondary effect that pediatrics residents gather in Yokohama-shi from the whole country.
  In addition, taking turns Hospital to receive treats the second emergency patient on the night, holiday 1-2 places with turn every day in the city.

  List of second emergency care system participation medical institutions [PDF: 121 bytes]

The third emergency care

  The third emergency care means emergency care to provide high medical care to "dangerously ill patient" with danger for life. 8 hospitals are appointed as critical care center in the city (as of July 1, 2015).
  Aim to maintain one place of emergency lifesaving center for a population of 1 million people is advocated conventionally in our country, but finds the third substantial emergency care system of one place to a population of 460,000 in Motoichi.

Perinatal emergency care

  We call periods from pregnancy 22 weeks to 7th after birth the perinatal period, and, for period when abnormality is easy to produce mother's body, fetus, newborn baby together, security of the emergency medical care system is necessary.
  We assist administration of center for the perinatal period to provide first aid cooperation Hospital and higher medical care for the perinatal period as backup of clinics and clinic which are primary health care engine in order to supplement perinatal emergency care system of Kanagawa in Motoichi.
  Perinatal emergency cooperation hospital accepts emergency patient introduced to anytime 24 hours a day, every day from clinics and clinic.
  The complications pregnancy or fetus, newborn baby abnormality are high-risk, and perinatal center carries role of emergency patient acceptance when higher medical care function is required.
  In addition, there is newborn baby treatment recovery room (GCU) as rear bed continuing acceptance treatment from neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and NICU that high treatment is possible as facility accepting newborn baby needing hospitalization for premature birth and disease. Because reasons having difficulty in acceptance of emergency patient include lack of NICU, GCU, we support those maintenance in Motoichi.

Emergency care (physical first aid to merge cerebro-vascular disease, heart trouble, injury, mental disease) according to disease

  In Motoichi, we repeated examination in emergency care Exploratory Committee which was affiliated engine which we proposed about emergency care in the city and came to build emergency care system that we specialized in cerebro-vascular disease, heart trouble, injury, mental disease.

●Cerebro-vascular disease
  Because cerebro-vascular disease is very likely to be lifesaving and reduction of aftereffects so that time before being treated after developing is short, specialized treatment and rehabilitation appoint 29 places of hospitals (as of July 1, 2015) which met possible participation standard and comprise for acceptance of emergency conveyance patient.

   More detailed information is this

●Heart trouble 
  We build heart trouble emergency care system by hospital which met participation standard to provide specialized treatment about acute heart trouble quickly and appropriately, and 24 Hospital (as of July 1, 2015) comprises for acceptance of ambulance conveyance patient.

  List of heart trouble emergency care system participation organizations [PDF: 67 bytes]

 ・Injury emergency care system
  We build injury (orthopedics) emergency care system by medical institution which met participation standard to offer specialized treatment quickly and appropriately, and 33 medical institutions (as of April 1, 2018) comprise for acceptance of ambulance conveyance patient.

  List of injury (orthopedics) emergency care system participation medical institutions [PDF: 74 bytes]

  In addition, we prepare for this system toward new system construction that considered cooperation with neurosurgery for head injury that it may become hard to convey particularly by reviewing participation standard based on emergency care Exploratory Committee fifth proposal [PDF: 1,270KB].

 ・Severe injury center
  Doctor who was available for injury medical treatment, operation was resident in hospital for 24 hours, and neurosurgeon, orthopedist, heart blood vessel surgeon located Yokohama-shi serious case injury center which could participate in medical treatment within 30 minutes in the city two places (eastern part of Saiseikai Yokohama-shi Hospital, citizen's general medical center attached to Yokohama City University) as needed. We fix the system accepting emergency conveyance of severe injury case intensively 24 hours a day, every day as injury medical treatment base in the city.

  About Yokohama-shi serious case injury center [PDF: 357 bytes]

●Physical first aid to merge mental disease
  Emergency care Exploratory Committee sixth proposal [PDF: 3,151KB] is submitted to the Mayor of Yokohama in March, 2015 in order that emergency conveyance of disease and injury of one in background accepts, and mental disease dissolves thing becoming difficult and pushes forward cooperation reinforcement of system maintenance and emergency care engine and psychiatric practice engine with hospital where mental disease and both medical are accepted.

Yokohama-shi emergency care information system (YMIS)

  Because emergency services inquired of medical institution about telephone in the conveyance Hospital choice of ambulance service without the situation that was real time of medical institution including conveyance of emergency procedure average and other emergency services understanding, there was the situation to need time in the hospital choice. Therefore we manage Yokohama-shi emergency care information system (YMIS) from June, 2012 to plan shortening of spot sojourn time by efficiency of the conveyance Hospital choice.
  In Yokohama-shi emergency care information system (YMIS), emergency care system of Motoichi provides information of the medical treatment system depending on clinical department and disease that participating medical institution can receive in real time and medical institution can confirm the acceptance right or wrong in reference to the information and acts as emergency services for efficiency of the conveyance ahead hospital choice.
  In the hospital choice that emergency services decide conveyance medical institution on the site by having started operation of Yokohama-shi emergency care information system (YMIS), ratio to be decided by one inquiry rises, and ratio to need the above-mentioned inquiry five times decreases, and constant introduction effect appears.

Emergency care Exploratory Committee

  Aiming at establishment of the system that citizen feels relieved, and emergency care is received, it is introduction of emergency care Exploratory Committee for the purpose of remedy and reforming about short-term medium-term problem.

  More detailed information is this

About AED (automated external defibrillator)

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Information for emergency care engine

  It is information for medical institution which can support emergency loanword.

Emergency care information, consultation dial

  It is information for telephone consultation dial about emergency care.

Medical institution in Yokohama-shi

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