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About childhood cancer measures

 As "childhood cancer base Hospital" (country designation), "Kanagawa Prefectural child medical center" is appointed so that patients with childhood cancer and the family feel relieved, and appropriate medical care and support are received.
 "Childhood cancer consultation support room" is established as consultation counter and it is disease and treatment and copes with which consultation that is school, work, medical expenses and welfare service.

Childhood cancer base Hospital

Hospital Meishin Expressway Nagawa prefectural child medical center
Location 2-138-4, Mutsukawa, Minami-ku, Yokohama-shi
 T E L 045-711-2351

◆Childhood cancer consultation support room
  Weekdays from 8:30 to 17:15
  Telephone 045-711-2351 (main) ※Tell with "childhood cancer consultation" 
  E-mail shounigan@kcmc.jp
   The details this (Kanagawa Prefectural child medical center pediatric cancer center)

Childhood cancer cooperation hospital

 In Motoichi, we appoint four hospitals with the results for childhood cancer treatment in the city with "Yokohama-shi childhood cancer cooperation hospital" and build enhancement and the consultation support system of the medical treatment system.

 Hospital name

Location ward

Kanagawa Prefectural child medical center

Minami Ward

Southern part of royal gift foundation Saiseikai Yokohama-shi Hospital

Konan Ward

Hospital attached to public university corporation Yokohama City University

Kanazawa Ward

Educational foundation Showa University Fujigaoka Hospital

Aoba Ward

Questionary survey about childhood cancer

 We carried out targeting at patient who did the next agency for patient who consulted "childhood cancer cooperation hospital" for childhood cancer during period and family and children with from January, 2016 to December chronicity identification illness medical care benefits application, change report in ward office and the families. Findings is as follows.
 Needs grasp working papers (PDF: 1,203KB) about Yokohama-shi childhood cancer