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For coexistence of cancer treatment and work

Generation and the situation of cancer to act

Cancer gets immediate sick
 Person who has a diagnosis of cancer during life "one of two of Japanese people"
 Among people who had a diagnosis of cancer a year "approximately 30% 15-64 years old"

Even going to hospital is treatable
 The hospitalization days shorten year by year; "treatment by going to hospital increase"
 Person who visits a hospital for treatment for cancer while having jobs "the whole country approximately 300,000"

Coexistence with work is still difficult
 If "60% or more are difficult, we feel" for continuing working while visiting a hospital for treatment by treatment
 (when it is necessary to go to around 1 degree hospital for two weeks)

Questionary survey about treatment and working of cancer
 During period of from October, 2016 to December, we carried out in object toward patients with cancer and the family other than city establishment.

Main findings
From situation of patients with cancer
 Person who retired after cancer diagnosis among people who set to work in corporation "20.2%"
 Ratio that did not use system as did not know allowance for injuries and diseases system "33.6%"

From situation of family
 (35.9%) to want family having cancer to work and (36.1%) not to want to work "at the same level"
 Ratio that did not receive support from engine except family and relative "75.5%"

From situation of company

 Establishment where there was employee who had a diagnosis of cancer during the past 3 years "43.0%"
 Establishment which feel if the making of workplace where jobs and coexistence of treatment can be realized is necessary "88.3%"

 Detailed findings is as follows.
 Working papers (PDF file: 6.3MB) about working of patients with Yokohama-shi cancer

Can do it for treatment of cancer and coexistence of work

 People who work while cancer is treated increase, and treatment and support for coexistence of work come to be demanded recently in establishment.
 We made DVD, handbook poster which could inflect in the training in establishment to have you deepen understanding in each city establishment toward cancer treatment and coexistence of work.
 We do with contents which the personnel affairs labor person in charge and the boss, co-worker can refer to to support as the workplace mainly on taking up case that contracted a disease for cancer (breast cancer, uterine cancer) peculiar to woman, and working while cancer patient treats.

DVD jacketDVD diskDVD for the training for coexistence of treatment and work of patients with Yokohama-shi cancer
If "working woman suffers from cancer, what should I do ... then in the workplace? ~"
  Summary (approximately two minutes) of <part 1> working person and cancer
  <part 2> employee suffered from cancer peculiar to woman (drama)
        Until Chapter 1 leave of absence from duty (approximately seven minutes)
        Under Chapter 2 leave of absence from duty (approximately three minutes)
        After Chapter 3 reinstatement (approximately ten minutes)

 << the whole book >>

 << Part 1 >>

 << Part 2 >>

◆ Handbook
Leaflet coverCoexistence support handbook of cancer and working treatment and work
"Cancer peculiar to woman"
 All B5 version page 35 (PDF file: 3.3MB)

◆ Poster
Coexistence support poster 2 of cancer treatment and workCoexistence support poster of cancer treatment and workCoexistence support poster of cancer treatment and work
  "I am not worried about being cancer alone even if said."
  "The workplace which is easy to work even if we suffer from cancer is the workplace which anyone is easy to commit."
    B2, B3, B4 size (PDF file: 0.6MB, 0.9MB)

<mail hope>

 When you want in city establishment, we see off by mail.
 The following application lists the following things earlier, and apply by E-mail.
 ・Establishment name (limited to city establishment)
 ・Person in charge name
 ・Mailing address
 ・Contact information (phone number, e-mail address)
 ・We hope (DVD, handbook, poster)
 ・Necessary number (poster divides into every size, and please list)

  ★ Application
    City of Yokohama, Medical Care Bureau cancer, illness measures section cancer measures charge
      e-mail: ir-shinsei@city.yokohama.jp