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Inflection of medical big data

It is important to planning, evaluation of medical policy that we grasp the medical actual situation of Motoichi more exactly.
But published existing document is count in wide area including city unit and does not often understand the actual situation every area.
In that purpose, Yokohama-shi as approach of measure planning (EBPM, Evidence Basad Policy Making) based on evidence,
We cross city for inflection of medical big data originally.

<analysis of NDB>
* Using NDB (receipt information, specific physical checkup information database) which is masterpiece of medical big data,
 We gathered result that we analyzed the actual situation of patients with cancer carried out with city medical institution into as report. We performed analysis in cooperation with Yokohama City University.

Press release document (PDF: 545KB)
・The report body (PDF: 2MB)
Report summary (PDF: 2MB)

In addition, about studies to use only for information such as medical treatment information without aggression and intervention like medical big data analysis,
Based on guideline that country established, it is not necessary to obtain consent from by one of target one directly,
Including purposes such as studies, it is necessary to disclose information about conduct.
If there are any questions, consultation, please contact following inquiry, consultation counter.

 Inquiry, contact information about study: Medical policy section Information Planning charge (045-671-2993)