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"My town Hodogaya exercises" of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system

"My town Hodogaya exercises" of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system

In commemoration of the constituency system 90th anniversary, exercises that it was possible for with laying upon, anyone sitting in song "our town Hodogaya" of ward were born.
As a result of having spread for 5,000 exercises experient accumulation aims this year

Broke through 5,000 aims in half a year; increase experients sequentially 

  5,929 number of the people of accumulation experience-based as of October 1, 2017!  

■ Celebration streaming of the 90th anniversary of my town Hodogaya exercises constituency system
 In Hodogaya Ward such as footballer of Yokohama FC, member of fire department   
10 familiar related organizations and local everybody make exercises
We photographed ru state and made celebration video.
 To related organizations where gave cooperation to, inhabitants of a ward heartily
We thank.

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   Celebration exercises video (three minutes 45 seconds)

★ Video (two minutes 56 seconds) for practical skill commentary

   Exercises explanation document A4    


■ What are commentary my town Hodogaya exercises?

    It is exercise mainly on stretch that we are standing, and anyone can feel free to contact with sitting position.
 We have Mr. Keio University Graduate School health management graduate course assistant instructor Yoshinobu Saito (health campaign instruction person) supervise and are better   
In that there are one with a few opportunities to exercise in particular and physical strength drop, and physical activity is limited, it is line ema without unreasonableness 
 Do. Please use with exercise custom for cool-down after warm-up and exercise before exercise.


■ Opportunity that made exercises

  Care prevention lecture of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system on Tuesday, April 11         

  When "both brain and body hold lecture lively", inhabitant of a ward   
Though all of you feel attachment of this in ward and are taken in in health promotion
It is opportunity that we thought about nooto.   
Song  of ward made in the constituency system 80th anniversary by open call for participants from inhabitant of a ward
It is expectation, pianomerode
some other time at spot in "our we wait Hodogaya"
Island where we matched with i, and device
was by "my town Hodogaya exercises"
We did.


      "Banzai Hodogaya with smile!"

State at   April 11 care prevention lecture

■ We rent DVD of video and CD with commentary!
   It is ward office elderly person support charge and seven places of community care plazas in ward so that local all of you can work on exercises 
  We loan.

 ★ DVD commentary video (with point to carry out exercises definitely practical skill video) and celebration video
 ★ Sound of video for CD commentary
 Because number is limited, please refer beforehand.

 To community care plaza window or Elderly and Disabled Support Division window (the second floor of ward office annex telephone 334-6328)

  In addition, we feel free to contact if there is hope that we want to work on by "my town Hodogaya exercises" by local activities

■ Approach of each place
   Meeting (ro of elderly person performing other than course and event of ward office and community care plaza in venues such as imminent halls in the town block 
 Advocacy group of person society and elderly person salon and health promotion is worked on in). "We are standing are sitting position 
 But it is popular saying we are taken in to physical condition casually.

    We introduce a part of the approach!

    It is hosted by Hodogaya public hall ward office for "first care prevention volunteer course" June 21, 28 days
   54 people interested in care preventive activity in ward learned exercises practical skill, and they learned demonstration method.

   Welfare center for the old hunting ground wind in the early summer-so 295-2, Karibacho
   It shows every morning in large hall from 9:15!
   Ogura of Iwasaki inclusion support center demonstrates for the exercises DVD screening start first day on Monday, September 4

  In addition, receive training, and the whole of member of sports promotion receives training the whole local welfare officer, with exercises menu in day service (elderly day care) of The Long-term Care Insurance
 There is place that we do and carry out.

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