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Information for Hodogaya Ward government office Twitter

Hodogaya Ward Twitter icon At Hodogaya Ward government office, we started information dispatch by Twitter (Twitter) on October 25, 2012.

We tell about information from ward offices such as disaster prevention related information or event, course holding information.

 Twitter is communication service in the Internet to post short sentence information within 140 characters, and to read. (American Twitter company runs.)

 If there is environment (PC and smartphone, cell-phone) that the Internet is available to, anyone can read.

<important> When we read from cell-phones as it is service that Twitter connects with the Internet and reads, as for the which is not the use by flat rate plan, communication fee, please be careful as large amount of.

Operational policy

Account name @ho_yokohama (City of Yokohama, Hodogaya Ward)
Account URL
Dispatch contents

<normal time>

・Disaster prevention, anti-crime program, various warnings (photochemical smog)

・Event information

・Eco-activity, natural environments, town development, information about agriculture

・Garbage separation, exploitation of resources related information

・Outbreak information such as food poisoning, infectious disease

・Welfare service related information

・Public information paper, homepage update information

Other media related information

・Information about window, congestion of parking lot

・In addition, information necessary

<emergency including disaster>

・Information about urgent refuge, blackout, traffic, refuge

Operation administrator

The Ward Administration Promotion Division head

(emergency such as disaster occurrence) disaster headquarters information group leader
Sender Staff of Hodogaya Ward whole section
Having follow or not

As a general rule, we do not perform.

(but formula of public institution connected with Hodogaya Ward deeply

We respond only to account)
Having reply (reply) or not As a general rule, we do not perform.
The use starting date October 25, 2012

Reading method

We can read contents (tweet) which we sent to from Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi by the next method.

Method 1: We can read from the following sites.

Method 2: Person having Twitter account can already read information by having City of Yokohama, Hodogaya Ward respond.

  • In addition, please note that you do not perform reply or follow from Hodogaya Ward in principle.
  • Yokohama-shi and suggestion to Hodogaya Ward and opinion,"Suggestion from citizen" Please approach more.
  • About usage of Twitter itself any questions,Twitter help centerPlease refer to this.