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Facility information

Public hall

   About lecture hall temporary closure, full-scale closing (from May, 2017 to February, 2018)

District center


Community house


Community care plaza, welfare health practice base


※With community care plaza, welfare health practice base



Local child care support base "kokkoro"

The location: 2-5, Kawabecho park tower Yokohama Hoshikawa the first floor
TEL 045-340-0013 FAX 045-332-3190

Ward Council of Social Welfare, ward volunteer center 


Community/Civic Plaza


  • Hodogaya library
    The location: 1-2-1, Hoshikawa
    TEL 045-333-1336 FAX 045-335-0421

International exchange lounge

Sports center

Sports hall  

Log house

Social movement center

Welfare center for the old 

Park (page of hodogayano park)

Yokohama-shi child nature park young people field service center

The location: 65-1, Oikecho, Asahi-ku (the child nature park)
TEL 045-811-8444 FAX 045-812-5778