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That "I hate e-mail magazine"

 Toward the hope, I send various information by E-mail from Hodogaya Ward saying "I hate e-mail magazine".

Main delivery menu

 Delivery day is 1st every month. It is open agency day, the following day when delivery day is holiday, holiday.
 We send information that the others are new at any time!

  1. Anti-crime program information from the Hodogaya Police
  2. Event information in ward
  3. Morning market information
  4. Q&As    nado
We deliver such contents
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Registration method?

 Person hoping for registration in "I hate e-mail magazine" has you read the next instructions by all means, and please click button "hoping for registration".

 We set these instructions of system administrator (we assume the Hodogaya Ward Ward Administration Promotion Division head, following "manager") about system user (we assume "registrant" as follows) about system of "I hate e-mail magazine".

(1) As for the manager, appropriate by registration data of registrant; manage, and do not use for purpose except this system. In addition, without preclearance of the person, we may not disclose information that can identify registrant individual to third party.

(2) Information distribution charges are free, but, about environment using E-mail, cannot offer in Hodogaya Ward. In addition, about facilities, communication expense necessary for connection, it burdens registrant.

(3) Information to tell about becomes only text (letter). When there are limits of capacity, please be careful.

(4) When transmission is done by cell-phone, please be careful as all the information may not send because there are letter restrictions.

(5) When disaster occurred, just after disaster may not deliver.

(6) We delay temporarily or our system may be stopped by communication line facilities, obstacle, maintenance of system, other unavoidable reasons without notifying registrant beforehand. In addition, we deliver late or, in property of communications infrastructures such as carriers, we may not be delivered about delivery of information. By malfunction of use apparatus, it may not operate normally.

(7) Hodogaya Ward does not take all responsibility about direct or indirect loss, damage that occurred by the use of our system.

(8) Without permission, we prohibit about thing delivering again on quotation, reproduction to WEB of article or business.

(9) We may cancel the use regardless of intention of registrant for a certain period of time when mail delivery is undelivered.

(10) Please ask about malfunction in case of delivery to

When we want to resign?

 Person in hope of withdrawal of "I hate e-mail magazine" "hopes for withdrawal", and please click button.

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