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Hodogaya history city walk 2018 - opening copter Teiji ...

Feeling local history and climate, culture over building or the remains of an ancient structure which historic, have charms in ward close
We held possible event.

※Event was finished.

[the date] Saturday, February 10, 2018


 We distribute flyer which served as guided tour application in public facilities and PR box in ward.
 Guided tour flyer (table) (Portable Document Format, 1.11MB)
 Guided tour flyer (the back) (Portable Document Format, 342KB)

Guided tour [pay, prior application] ※Application acceptance was finished.

Holding time Part of the morning: From 9:30 to 12:00
Part of the afternoon: From 13:00 to 15:30
Reception desk 30 minutes before each start ...
Contents [A] Course over remains of an ancient structure and Middle Ages Kamakura course of modern water supply, Hodogaya accommodation
[B] Course around industrial ruins of Meiji, Taisho, Showa along Katabira River
[C] Visiting European-style buildings course of hill
Course 1) Morning [A] 2) afternoon [A] 3) morning [B] 4) afternoon [B] 5) morning [C] 6) afternoon [C]
Capacity Each 15 courses (lottery)  Guided tour
Application method It is called to ward office Planning and Adjustment Section
Telephone 045-334-6228
Reception desk place ikottohausu
(37-1, Tsukimidai)
Entrance fee 500 yen (document charges, premium)


City walk map

 We can go round course and visit points recommended to one hand in "city walk map" freely.
 Please see the next item about distribution place of map.
 City walk map (table) (Portable Document Format, 1.35MB)
 City walk map (the back) (Portable Document Format, 604KB)

Visit [free of charge, application unnecessary] free to do appearance such as landmark architectures

Holding time From 9:30 to 16:00 Visit free to do appearance
Visit free to do appearance
Contents Internal visit is possible in some buildings.
But it is the Hodogaya Catholic Church,
It may limit part of visit from 12:30 to about 14:00.

Distribution places of city walk map which listed visit points are as follows.

[city walk map distribution place]
・Ward office Planning and Adjustment Section (main building 22nd window)
・District center in ward
・Hodogaya library
・Hodogaya public hall
・Iwama, Yokohama-shi Community/Civic Plaza
・hodogaya social movement center hours

※On the day we are going to distribute in the next facility
・Yokohama business park "hall of light"
・The Hodogaya Catholic Church
・ikottohausu (37-1, Tsukimidai)

※On the same day, "recorder solo concert" is held in the Hodogaya Catholic Church
 Please refer to Iwama Community/Civic Plaza for the details
 Telephone 045-337-0011