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"Former Tokaido Hodogaya hotel closed place" is open!

 In "Hodogayacho community hall branch office" where National highway No. 1 is along by cooperation with Hodogayacho Neighborhood Association,
"Former Tokaido Hodogaya hotel closed place"
 In October, it is the 2-day opening of (Sun) for 9th (celebration) and 22 days.

 There is this closed place between Honjin, Hodogaya trace and row of pine trees restored to the original state, and, in the outskirts, there is the highlight about former Tokaido Hodogaya hotel a lot. We distribute city walk map which we introduced the highlight to.
 In addition, we can have not only you can see book or panel about former Tokaido, but also play with wearing and sugoroku of clothes (sedge hat, journey rain jacket divides in two baggage) dressed in trip.

 As offer drinks such as tea; including of city walk please drop in.

[the opening date and time of October]
 October 9 (celebration) from 9:00 to 15:00
 Sunday, October 22 from 9:00 to 15:00

 Hodogayacho community hall branch office (1-96, Hodogayacho, Hodogaya-ku)
 Than Hodogaya Station West Exit a 15-minute walk