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We wait and carry out corner Museum stamp rally 2018!

* We wait, and what is corner Museum?
 We wait, and corner Museum is eight places to set up shop along former Tokaido from old days.
 We display tool or document showing the history that has been accumulated in Hodogaya in slight space of the storefront, life culture. We live in Hodogaya for a long time and, to director of town knowing the history, meeting with calling and local person waits for story about showpiece and is attractive one of corner Museum circulation.

* We collect stamps and get premium!
 We give Hodogaya accommodation original goods to each person who waits, and collected stamps of corner Museum.
 ・More than 3 building…Canned Hodogaya accommodation ukiyoe print badge
 ・More than 7 building…Short coat type Japanese towel, canned Hodogaya accommodation ukiyoe print badge
  ※Canned ukiyoe print badge is the same design more than 7 building more than 3 building together. It should be one handing over for one.

* There is experience-based event, too!
 State of type printing experience  State of steaming experience

 Depending on museum, we can hear story about the history of former Tokaido by experience and director using old tool.
 ※Case that is absent director when is waiting on customers, may not cope.

* Stamp mount
We distribute stamp mount at each museum, Hodogaya Ward government office.
※We arrange to railroad station PR box in ward, each district center, community care plaza,
 Please note that number includes limit.

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