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Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward meeting local gathering


Gathering of 1 area

Place of talks of Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward

         We hold "local gathering"!

       ... that voice of ... all of you is reflected by municipal administration and the administration of a ward

◆With "local gathering"‥◆
 Inhabitants of a ward (residence, working, attendance at school in ward) is independent and works on local problem and is place of talks to be settled. Under the cosponsorship of Hodogaya Ward district alliance Neighborhood Associations and Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward meeting, the 44th-year in this year; become held.

 ★Inhabitant of a ward meeting investigates "local gathering" opinion that it was begun to leave thoroughly and arranges for 3 classifications!
   We arrange place that you should examine by contents of opinion for 3 classifications (area, inhabitant of a ward meeting, administration).
   [last year] Participant: 610 people (we remove member of administrative occupation), opinion that was given: 220 cases
 ★Opinion with need to tell to the government is submitted to ward office as proposal, request!
   Director General receives proposal, request submitted to from inhabitant of a ward meeting in about August in average year.
 ★Answer to proposal, request to all Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations and one that was spoken from inhabitant of a ward meeting
   We feed back!

   Administration replies about proposal, request in about October in average year.
 ★Example that voice of everybody who participated so far was reflected by approach of ward!
  ・To pedestrian bridge of station, we notified destination guidance indication to station and bus terminal. [28]
  ・We filled Yokohama city street and pruned tree which grew thick. [29]
  ・Add nickname of "karugamo narrow path" to ways from Hoshikawa Station to ward office, as business of the 90th anniversary
   We set up approach, guidance signature. [29]

                                              ▲"karugamo narrow path" guidance signature (the right side)

◆Holding schedule ◆        [common theme] Town development easy for person




Area for

Wednesday, June 13

Sawtooth oak stand elementary school community house

The way of community for low birthrate and aging in the future

The west for Shimacho, Higashikawa, Kawajima-machi, Sakamoto-cho, Bukkoucho, France

Saturday, June 16 ※1

The fourth floor of the ward office Main Building
401 meeting rooms

Let's give wisdom climbing over living environment improvement and aging society

Iwasakicho, Iwama-cho, Kasumidai, Katabiracho, Godo-cho, Sakuragaoka, Tsukimidai, Nishikubocho, Hatsunegaoka, Hanamidai, Hoshikawa, Myojindai, Bukkoucho (the swamp west of swamp, chestnut of chestnut) 

Saturday, June 23 ※2

Nishiya district center

For you 
What is town which is kind to person?

Nishitani-cho, Niimachi, Kamihoshikawa, Kamisugedacho

Tuesday, June 26

hodogaya anti-crime program center

Let's talk about the making of local bond together

Imaimachi, law spring, Shinsakuragaoka, Sakaigimachi, Fujitsukacho, Sakaigihoncho, Gontazaka

Friday, June 29


Let's think about environment creation which can live in security/safety
It is ... about problem of the way and traffic, disaster prevention of Neighborhood Association for ... aging society

Iwaicho, Karibacho, Setogayacho, Hodogayacho

Saturday, June 30 ※1

The fourth floor of the ward office Main Building
401 meeting rooms

To make town where we want to continue living in forever 
Please tell me what you have trouble with 

Okazawacho, Kamadaicho, Kamadani-cho, Kawabe-cho, Tennocho, Tokiwadai, Mineoka-cho, Minezawacho, Miyada-cho, Wada


●Time from 18:30 to 20:30 
Saturday, June 16, 30th (Sat) ‥ from 14:00 to 16:00
     ※2 Saturday, June 23      ‥ from 18:00 to 20:00

●The inquiry Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward meeting secretariat (ward office Public Relations Section)

     TEL 045-334-6223 FAX 045-333-7945 

          Hodogaya Ward district alliance Neighborhood Associations, the Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward meeting cosponsorship

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