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Ward firefighting technology training society, Hodogaya Ward government office women's team are achievement of the second straight victory!

 On Thursday, September 13, Hodogaya Ward self-defense fire brigade firefighting technology training party was held in prefectural Hodogaya Park, and 58 people in all participated from office or hospital in ward.
Secondary to last year, two teams participated in "part of indoor fire hydrant how to handle" from ward office and achieved wonderful the second straight victory in part of woman. In City University society on Thursday, October 25 when 18 wards of best gathers, we hope that he/she shows everyday training result as representative of Hodogaya Ward well. In addition, in male or male woman combined part, pattern that all team members were first appearance fought hard with the fourth place. We think this vexation to want spring to aim at more skill up for the next year.

 Through such an opportunity, we can connect to consciousness improvement of upbringing and fire prevention of self-defense fire station organization in each the ward facility, and inhabitants of a ward will promote for security and town development to be able to live for in peace as ward office.
 Figure which member different of position put power together, and worked hard at exercise was reliable at all and, on training society participation, felt strength of unity between the staff in limited time. The staff will wrestle in solidarity in future in "team Hodogaya".

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October, 2018 Hodogaya Director General Tadahiko Sugai (we do, but are Tadahiko)