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Let's support Yokohama FC and "serious fried rice!"!

 Sato, Tadokoro, Arai of professional football team "Yokohama FC" which set up clubhouse in Hodogaya Ward on Wednesday, June 13 paid a courtesy visit to ward office.
 Yokohama FC is developing fight that every game is hot now located at the high rank of J2.
 We were able to hear strong enthusiasm to "want to serve as J1 promotion to heap up Hodogaya Ward" from Sato of captain.

 In addition, Montedio Yamagata war to be carried out in NHK SPRING Mitsuzawa gridiron on Saturday, July 7 is annual home game event, "Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward DAY".
 Player gave reliable words to "want to send victory to Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward" to.
 In "Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward DAY," it will be to present victory to inhabitant of a ward by all means.
 Hodogaya Ward residence, working, attendance at school (living-in-garden) and the family can watch a game of game free. Please come to venue after prior application from homepage.

 Furthermore, plan to select mall gourmet No. 1 of Yokohama by vote in one of talk "is serious! We had players have the eighth "serious fried rice!" of series, and everybody gave official guarantee to saying "it is delicious!".
 Serious fried rice!」 In this, 6 stores are doing entry from mall of Hodogaya Ward.

<"serious fried rice!" Hodogaya Ward entry store>
 "Specially made fried rice" star bloom garden (Kamihoshikawa Store Association)
 "Fired rice with beef with black pepper" meal ishin bunch (Tennocho mall)
 "Fired rice with lettuce with sausage" pine bloom (Tennocho mall)
 "Income fired rice with seafood soba" sushi wari** does (Tennocho mall)
 "aera special fried rice" Asian kitchen aera (Wadamachi mall)
 "tonkotsuuodashi prodding cliff fried rice" self noodle making KANARI (Wadamachi mall)

 It is until Tuesday, July 31 during vote period and can vote from exclusive postcard or homepage.
 Actually come over to mall, and everybody, please vote for shop of Hodogaya Ward after appreciation, too.

 Yokohama FC reaches the 20th anniversary of the foundation of club in December of this year. Hodogaya Ward supports Yokohama FC more than before and will support the achievement.
 As for inhabitants of a ward, I would like hot encouragement in mall of Hodogaya Ward and Yokohama FC.

It is vice-Director General, Arai, Sato, Tadokoro, Director General from the players (June 13) left who came for courtesy visit

July, 2018 Hodogaya Director General Tadahiko Sugai (we do, but are Tadahiko)