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Room of Director General

"The hodogaya flower charter" reached the establishment 20th anniversary!

 Through various activities, we love flower and green while establishing "the hodogaya flower charter" (0.40MB) in Hodogaya Ward with various places of area, school, company in April, 1998, and cooperating together and aim at clean, beautiful town planning. This flower charter is Yokohama-shi only thing, and it is this year at commemorative year of the 20th anniversary of the establishment.

 "hodogaya flower festival" that began for the purpose of the spread of such ideas and town planning of flower,
We reached the 19th and were held this year at Hiroshi Park in Hoshikawa on May 19. This time the 20th anniversary
Panel which memorializes, and looks back on past concrete approach based on seven declaration of the flower charter
Other than display, we held "town hodogaya photo exhibition that flower was fragrant" of contest form. Visit
We had all of you thoroughly enjoy 40 points of beautiful photographs which they copied flower in ward and green scenery into of this.

 Flower consisting of music and dances that, besides, are splendid on stage of commemorative event
Concert, branch more than 40 enlivened flower Festa in venue. In addition,
Of planter which had children of special flower bed and neighborhood nursery school help with preparations in venue
Flowers added color to venue.


 Weather was worried about until the morning of the day, but weather was restored safely, too, and was able to many of you came. Thank you.
 hodogayano will work on "town planning of flower" with the spread of "the hodogaya flower charter" in Hodogaya Ward in future.

May, 2018
Hodogaya Director General Tadahiko Sugai (we do, but are Tadahiko)