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Room of Director General

hodogaya ☆We went for great harvest festival of cheerful village "mud lesson".

 On Sunday, December 10, it is hodogaya ☆There was "large harvest festival" that primary schoolchild in ward had their vegetables and rice which we brought up by hand in spirit village.

 hodogaya ☆Members of the executive committee and Atsuo Mimura of agriculture leader gave cooperation to spirit village and did open village in 2009.

 We hold "mud classroom" having primary schoolchild in ward know "importance of agriculture and meal" through agriculture experiences such as the making of rice and vegetables in spirit village. Approximately 50 children participated and deepened each other's interchange and learned importance of cooperating from 15 elementary schools in ward this year.

 When children touched "366" fruits from one kind that oneself planted, we heard and were surprised.

 In addition, we made rice cake with mallet in turn after having studied way of attaching rice cakes well.

 Children who made rice cake for the first time brightened eyes in state that "rice" changed to "rice cake" quickly.
 I was recommended to everybody and it was after a long absence, but was accompanied to shout of "we flatter" of various places of the circumference as hard as possible.
 As for the plentiful pork miso soup, both heart and body warmed cheerful vegetables from village which member of the executive committee prepared for as for the freshly made burning hot "rice cake" early deliciously at all both.

 Hodogaya Ward leaves very much nature while being in urban area called Yokohama.
 We can watch seasonal scenery including firefly in spirit village in lotus flower so, summer in spring.
We want to leave such rich nature for children carrying the next generation from now on.

February, 2018 Hodogaya Director General Tadahiko Sugai (we do, but are Tadahiko)