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Room of Director General

Top decisive battle of high school student band in ward! "hodogaya band battle of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system" was held!

 "hodogaya band battle that junior and senior high school students band of attendance at school in ward competed for hot performance in Kanagawa art hall on Thursday (holiday) on November 23 of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system" was held.

 In commemoration of the Hodogaya constituency system 90th anniversary, we established "song section of ward" which arranged song "our town, Hodogaya" of Hodogaya Ward freely, and played this year in addition to "general section" which carried out in average year. Furthermore, we held by special program only for this year including mini-live by everybody of special guest "Swish!" (suisshu)!

 A total of 17 bands where there was the most by band battle for these past several years participated, and, at memory meet and this time to be, battle that was hotter than average year was developed by five schools of Sakuragaoka High School, koryokoko, Hodogaya High School, commercial and industrial high school, Yokohama refreshing breeze high school.

 In "song section of ward," they included favorite place of Hodogaya Ward in the lyrics, and all bands were able to show performance that originality overflowed. I participated in examination, but was able to hear wonderful performance that thought to celebrate the Hodogaya constituency system 90th anniversary of high school students reached.

[song section championship of ward: ARINCO (koryokoko)]
[general section championship: Bamboo Shoot (koryokoko)]

 In addition, we had all of Swish! where we invited to as special guest participate in examination of "song section of ward" and had you attach flower to memory meeting by singing voice and performance of the best part by mini-live.

[mini-live by Swish!]

 Young generations has attachment and pride toward our town and wants to do in Hodogaya Ward having you think, "we want to continue living forever" in future.

January, 2018 Hodogaya Director General Tadahiko Sugai (we do, but are Tadahiko)