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No. 19 hodogaya ☆We went for great harvest festival of cheerful village "mud lesson". (February 2, 2018 publication)
No. 18 The first step toward the constituency system 100th anniversary! We held Hodogaya Ward congratulations exchange party in 2018! (January 23, 2018 publication)
No. 17 We meet by curlicue art! (January 23, 2018 publication)
No. 16 Top decisive battle of high school student band in ward! "hodogaya band battle of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system" was held! (January 10, 2018 publication)
No. 15 From Hodogaya international exchange! ... hodogaya international Festa ... (December 18, 2017 publication)
No. 14 We held "Kotobuki round-table conference that was a graduate" of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system (December 18, 2017 publication)
No. 13 We held ceremony & inhabitant of a ward Festival of the 90th anniversary of Hodogaya constituency system! (November 9, 2017 publication)
No. 12 Ward office team participated in firefighting technology training party! (October 20, 2017 publication)
No. 11 In ward office which "mother easy mark" is waiting for, "ducky" flocks! (October 20, 2017 publication)
No. 10 Chocolate serious "chokon" of shop of Dumbo! We won silver medal! (September 29, 2017 publication)
No. 9 The close constituency system 90th anniversary! You get on electric wave of radio, and arrive! "Anniversary Hodogaya" (September 22, 2017 publication)
No. 8 We felt local connection that warm!  (August 30, 2017 publication)
No. 7 Let's support Yokohama FC and "serious chocolate!"!  (July 21, 2017 publication)
No. 6 We thank environmental business promotion committees and congratulations on Minister of the Environment commendation receiving a prize of swamp west Neighborhood Association of chestnut!  (July 6, 2017 publication)
No. 5 ♪My town Hodogaya exercises ♪ But, it was shown in Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward DAY!  (July 6, 2017 publication)
No. 4 We had you donate shadow box of logo mark of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system!  (June 22, 2017 publication)
No. 3 We installed monument of "the hodogaya flower charter" in Hiroshi Park in Hoshikawa! (June 20, 2017 publication)
No. 2 Rose of friendship with Sofia City bloomed  (May 18, 2017 publication)
No. 1  Delivery of public information video "hodogaya Kanon" who conveyed charm of ward began! ... of the 90th anniversary of ... constituency system  (April 12, 2017 publication)


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