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hodogaya child care information piyopiyopokke

About April, 2018 Hodogaya Ward authorization child-care facility, business entrance application

We publish this page contents with PDF file. (Portable Document Format: 297KB)
PDF fileInformation for 2018 Hodogaya Ward authorization child-care facility, business April entrance application
PDF fileApril, 2018 entrance offer plan number (Portable Document Format: 203KB)


In application

○ Target person is Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward (please file for other one in ward office to live or the local government).

○ After visit, please confirm whether you can go to kindergarten beforehand.

○ Entrance day is April 1, 2018.

○ When change garden is true by application of change garden, we cannot come back to garden that did living-in-garden.

○ Application is principle mail (difference in application method does not influence use adjustment).


     In addition, please refer below to ward office for applicable one on the telephone (mail impossibility).

Entrance application to nursery schools of child needing with obstacle or consideration

By Tuesday, October 31, please talk with ward office to live.

Entrance application of prenatal child
Only when we may meet the necessary age of the month (for 57 days, it varies according to garden including four months for three months) as of April 1
  ※  It is child born by Saturday, February 3, 2018.

It is application method (principle mail) like new application, but Friday, February 9 needs official application by must arrive after birth as we become handled as temporary application.

Live in ward; entrance application to nursery schools of the suburbs

Application is necessary within one week before the deadline of the local government to hope for.

Live outside Yokohama-shi; entrance application to nursery schools in ward
   (we include plan containing change)

We file in the local government to live now by Friday, November 10
(procedure may vary according to the local government.)


1 application method


 (1) From Friday, October 13, 2017 to Friday, November 10, 2017 (effective postmark)
  (2) Presentation (mail charges are charged to applicant oneself)
    〒231-8350 (it arrives even if we do not write address)
      It is addressed to City of Yokohama, Child and Youth Bureau authorization, use adjustment office work center
     ※ We accept at window only on Friday, November 17, but may keep waiting very for a long time. One with unavoidable circumstances
      Please apply by igai, mail. (come after offering with documents same as mail using public transport if possible).

         Place: Ward office Main Building the third floor 34th window (for from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00) parking lot is free for one hour.

About the right or wrong of entrance

We ship result by the     beginning of February, 2018.

About facility, business new in 2018

  Is going to found; garden: It is garden for tentative name) L Anju nursery school 
           Tentative name) Tennocho station square light green nursery school (small childcare business)


Authorization child-care facility, business entrance offer number in April, 2018 ward

About documents necessary for application

For Hodogaya ward inhabitant, in "Yokohama-shi nursery schools, is distribution place of (2 .3 authorization) usage guidance in 2018

1 Hodogaya Ward government office

2 Authorization child-care facility, business in Hodogaya Ward

3 area child care support base "kokkoro" (page of local child care support base "kokkoro")

4 service counters in the city hall (Futamatagawa Station, Higashi-Totsuka Station) (page of Civic Affairs Bureau)

    "(2 .3 authorization) usage guidance has P11 "documents necessary for 7 application" after read [Portable Document Format: 2,106MB], and PDF file2018 Yokohama-shi nursery schools", please prepare with all the next documents.

(page of Child and Youth Bureau "hapinesupotto")


  1. PDF fileChild, child care support system supply authorization application (for 2.3) [Portable Document Format: 393KB]
  2. PDF fileUse of child, child care support system application (for 2.3) [Portable Document Format: 409KB]
  3. PDF filePetition for 2-3 authorization reason, thyme schedule [Portable Document Format: 193KB]
  4.  My number entry paper [Portable Document Format: 67KB], identity verification documents, my number seal
  5. Documents (we publish only employment certificate in Portable Document Format in page of Child and Youth Bureau "hapinesupotto") which prove that we need childcare
      ※  As for for brothers, copy is possible.

    PDF fileEmployment certificate [Portable Document Format: 245KB] (employee) (as for the Excel versionExcel file this [Excel format: 86KB])

    PDF fileWorking report (independent businessman) [Portable Document Format: 230KB]

      ・  "Employment certificate", please read the entry point of "working report" by all means.

      ・  On seal of company, date of proof day, please be careful for mention leak of the employment days, time.

    ○ Non-working in the case of reason

    Protector at the time of disease Medical certificate (thing which the situation that had difficulty in childcare was listed in)
    When protector cares for sick person and person requiring nursing care <in the case of care>
    ・We understand medical certificate of sick person or need of nursing care state
    ・Thyme schedule (the petition for 2-3 authorization reason back side)
    In the case of <authority of place (attending school) attendant> tsusho (attending school) certificate
    ・Schedule table to issue of tsusho (attending school) point
     (if there is not petition for thyme schedule (2-3 authorization reason back side))
    When protector is defective Copy of disability certificate
     (copying of part which can confirm handbook registration number, person column, obstacle name)
    Mother at the time of rest of before childbirth after giving birth Mother and child health handbook
     (copying of partial (P4) which can identify the expected date as cover)
    When protector goes to school Document to understand of student registration certificate and class schedule


  6. PDF filePresentation documents confirmation vote [Portable Document Format: 457KB] for 2018
  7.  Presentation documents confirmation vote self-addressed envelope (style of envelope does not matter.)

      You fill in address, protector full name, elementary school student full name in address, and please complete 92-yen stamp.

      We stamp presentation documents confirmation vote with acceptance mark, and one that we accepted by Friday, November 10 (effective postmark) sends back.

      When we are applied in brothers, we do not mind self-addressed envelope in one of them.


  8. Documents which are necessary by the situation

    (1) 2017 "residence tax taxation (tax exemption) certificate"

          Protector moved into in Yokohama-shi after January 2, 2017 needs presentation of 2017 residence tax taxation (tax exemption) certificate. (we issue in the municipalities of the address ground as of January 1, 29)

          As required documents varies according to the situation in where you came to abroad as of January 1, 2017, please confirm by all means in ward office.


    (2) Certificates [Portable Document Format: 182KB] such as authorization nursery school, PDF filebeing on the register roll of charged child-care facility except authorized child institution (nursery school part)  Or it is contract

          Childcare is unnecessary at one time.

  9. When we withdraw change and application after application

    PDF fileCertification application withdrawal application, use application withdrawal application [Portable Document Format: 86KB]

  10. When, after application, there are changes of reason to need protector, address, childcare

    PDF fileAuthorized change (change, cancellation) application / use cancellation application [Portable Document Format: 155KB]

  11. When we hope for change of garden desired after application

    PDF fileUse application contents change registration form [Portable Document Format: 78KB]

  12. When there is brothers child before attendance at school and applies for having many children reduction of use charges

    PDF fileBrothers child having many children reduction registration form [Portable Document Format: 109KB]

In addition, (product for Hodogaya inhabitants of a ward)

PDF fileInformation for 2018 Hodogaya Ward authorization child-care facility April entrance application

    ※ Handbill [Portable Document Format: 297KB] which Yokohama-shi nursery schools attach to (2 .3 authorization) usage guidance for Hodogaya ward inhabitants (mention contents of our page are gathered up)

PDF fileList of child-care facility, business in 2018 Hodogaya Ward (at October, 2017)

    ※ For Hodogaya inhabitants of a ward, we attach Yokohama-shi nursery schools to (2 .3 authorization) usage guidance [Portable Document Format: 1,641KB], (we publish map in the second page.)

PDF fileApril, 2018 entrance offer plan number (at October, 2017)

    ※ Entrance offer plan number [Portable Document Format: 203KB] for April, 2018 attaching Yokohama-shi nursery schools to (2 .3 authorization) usage guidance for Hodogaya inhabitants of a ward

Information about nursery schools is this

Call center phone number 045-664-2607    Time from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

    It is available until Thursday, January 25, 2018 (on weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, possible except from Thursday, December 28 to Wednesday, January 3).

◇Hodogaya Ward Children and Families Support Division (the ward office Main Building the third floor 34th)

    From 8:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. on weekdays    ※  We do not cope in open agency on Saturday.
  Telephone: 045-334-6397 FAX: 045-333-6309
 (window open agency time is until from 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

◆Information in Hodogaya Ward child care information homepage "piyopiyopokke" ward, print of documents

◇Information of Child and Youth Bureau homepage "hapinesupotto" other wards, information out of the authorization

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