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Life event


 In this page, we introduce main procedure to be necessary every turning point of the life.

ItemExplanationCounter in charge
Death registration/death notification form
  • Please report fact of the death within seven days from day that you knew.

→To page (page of Civic Affairs Bureau) of death registration/death notification form

Family Registry Section
Ward office Main Building the first floor first window
The site of a religious service
  • It is information for municipal site of a religious service, funerals and festivals hall.

→To page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau

Health and Social Welfare Bureau Environment Facilities Division
National Health Insurance
(funerals and festivals costs)
  • When member died, please report.
  • When member of National Health Insurance died, person who performed the funerals and festivals is paid funerals and festivals costs.

→To page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau

National Health Insurance Section
Ward office Main Building the first floor seventh window
  • Record of Japanese pension system doing pension pay-out is not updated only by having submitted death registration/death notification form to family register window of ward office.
    Please be careful.
  • Procedure when pensioner diedThis
  • When there are the bereaved of living equivalence, we can request non-supply pension . Specifically,Page (to page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau) of non-supply pension Please give me ogo *.

※Please refer to each cooperative association for mutual pension recipient.
→To page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau

Yokohamanishi pension office
87-1, Kawakamicho, Totsuka-ku
Well stone 1 birr the second floor
Single-parent home
heno service
  • For single-parent homes such as family of mother and child or motherless family, there are various services.

→To page of Child and Youth Bureau

Children and Families Support Section
Ward office Main Building the third floor 34th window
Special consultation
  • At ward office, we carry out special consultation such as legal advices free.
  • There is consultation that reservation needs.

→To page of special consultation

Public Relations Section
Ward office Main Building the second floor 22nd window
To person who lost important one by suicide
  • We do own death bereaved hot line for one prevented family and important person from being suicide and information for gathering of own death bereaved.

→To page (page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau) of own death bereaved support

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